Creating tech products is our daily fuel.

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Projects delivered for
international clients.
We are a custom software development company with over 25 years of experience.
We develop products which enhance efficient software development and are not dedicated to a single project only. Ready to use by everyone who needs a particular functionality.

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Together we create an engaging workplace with a unique atmosphere, space for collaboration and self-development.
Be part of our tech community
180+ specialists (150 regular and senior)
7 tech communities
Develop your skills and put your ideas into practise
45+ ongoing projects
AdminJS (admin panel for Node.js apps) Eventrix (a scaling JavaScript library)
Join a well-tuned team
Company events & team meetings
Tech & life events
25 Hobby communities
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What do we believe in?

For us values are something more than just words written on the office walls. They are the result of our experience, history and what we really believe in.
Openness is acting according to the feedback culture reinforced by trust and respect for diversity.
Engagement is a positive and active attitude towards the organisation, its values and clients as well as looking for solutions and sharing knowledge.
It's cooperation between individual employees and entire teams as well as achieving common goals and appreciation.
Efficiency means achieving effects with an optimum selection of available resources.

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Our strength is our people and their diverse personalities. We are ambitious. We have knowledge and we like to share it. We support one another and we play as a team.

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What our employess say

Why would you recommend working at RST?
“What's important to me is what I do. I want to do cool things, naturally I want to be satisfied with it and proud of it. I have the opportunity to do that because I work with clients all over the world, doing a wide variety of projects, going through the whole process from the very idea through verification, research, design and final design. I feel a sense of responsibility because I have a free hand in doing this, but also great satisfaction at the end.”
Włodzimierz Mazur
Senior Product Designer
Why would you recommend working at RST?
“What I like about my job is the friendly atmosphere, open and efficient communication promoting discussion and a lack of distance in our contact with the management board. I work with professionals and experts, and so all of us have a possibility to exchange knowledge and support each other. My project provides me with endless opportunities to learn, and by feeling responsible and autonomous I know that I have a real impact on the tasks in hand.”
Patryk Baszak

We create software and develop IT products for businesses around the world.

Operating for more than 25 years in the IT industry, we've been building products and technology communities. Since 2017, we have been hosting tech experts from all over Poland at our CodeMeetings events. And you are more than welcome to join!

Next meeting: June 2024
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Joanna Labocha
Recruitment Coordinator

+48 533 901 627
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