From a monolith to microservices
Forget about architecture that slows down development

What’s inside:
condensed guide to monolithic and microservice-based system architectures
technical comparison of monolith and microservice-based systems and how they affect the development process
practicalities of shifting to a microservice-based architecture that may surprise you throughout the process
best practices you should be aware of before you start moving on from a monolith to a microservice-based architecture

This ebook is for you if:

you aren’t sure whether converting an existing monolith into a microservice-based app is worth the effort
you want to shift from a monolith app architecture to a more scalable and flexible solution
you are delving into the conversion process for the first time and don’t know where to start
you are looking for ways to increase the overall development speed in your project

About the authors

Łukasz Wróbel
An experienced software developer, team leader, architect and CTO. Driven by designing well-performing, scalable web-apps and high-quality code. He often shares his knowledge during industry-related conferences and workshops.