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Camunda consulting and business process automation

Helping revamp a Camunda-powered translation and localization platform

RWS, a translation and localization company working with global brands like Coca-Cola or Jaguar, was looking for a partner to help them fix and further develop their internal system for managing translation and localization projects. Since their entire system was custom-built on the Camunda engine, we were happy to apply our two-decade long experience to help RWS achieve its business goals.
Marek Ziółkowski
Chief Solutions Officer


When RWS approached us, its production teams had to work across various, independent systems: one system for storing files, another for managing the translation projects, and another for managing the work of translators. They were wasting a lot of time on transferring data between these systems.

The greatest challenge was to automate the data flow across these independent units and legacy components, so that RWS was able to deliver more projects than before and further extend its platform by adding new business processes.

Result: RWS gained more time for delivering revenue-generating projects

We delivered two comprehensive data flow automations that fully support the company’s objectives and further developed the platform by adding new features and business processes. 
The first automation saves
468 h
of work per year
The second automation saves
1200 h
of work per year

Delivered services

Camunda Platform development
Camunda Platform consutling
Business process automation

Official Camunda partnership

Being Poland's first Platinum Camunda Partner and due to our steadfast commitment to excellence, we provide invaluable support to clients such as Alphabet Polska, assisting them in leveraging the full spectrum of Camunda solutions.

We worked with RWS to improve and extend the capacity of its Camunda-based internal platform

The nature of our cooperation focused on two unique goals: improving the existing application and expanding it by adding new business processes.
Stage 1

Stabilization and standarization

The first phase focused on improving the stability and efficiency of the system, as well as adding new functionalities.

We’ve introduced standardization and introduced best practices that were absent in the existing mechanisms, providing RWS with greater transparency of its processes.
Stage 2

Cross-system business data flow automation

The second phase focused on automating the data flow between the different systems used by RWS.

This involved mapping business decisions as well as reconfiguring and redesigning the existing business processes so that RWS was able to use one platform for all of its projects.

The technology stack

Spring Boot
Process orchestration
Camunda Platform