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RST life – March 2023 quarterly update

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The last three months have been buzzing with activity, in which we have, above all, raised the bar for meetings of our tech communities. We attended a total of 31 events in the DevOps, Testers, Frontend, React Native, Design, and Backend communities. These meetings are a vital component of our employee development – they’re a platform to share knowledge and experience with each other, and get answers to technical questions. You can read more about our communities here.

There was also space to meet after work and develop our lifestyle communities, of which we currently have as many as 24: mountain lovers, plant lovers, cinema enthusiasts, bookworms… Everyone can find something that floats their boat!

January #Feedback #Communities #Veganuary

  • How to enter the year well? We started with Veganuary, an event organized by the internal community of food lovers in our Meethub. We tasted natural and healthy dishes and sought advice and recipes from lovers of vegan cuisine. If you are looking for inspiration, take a look at the vegan essentials Wegateka by Rafał Budzis, who is discovering the recesses of vegan philosophy step by step.
  • We put together a 3-month workshop on feedback culture based on what we knew about communication and feedback. Feedback is for us an inseparable element of professional and personal development. We constantly strengthen internal communication and take care of our relationships. Workshops with a larger group allowed us to intensively practice and work through real cases.

February #HR #Codemeetings #Communities #Technology

  • The House of HR team invited us to the first HR Open Meet this year. This is the best opportunity to discuss the most important topics in the company. Anyone working at RST can come, connect with us online, or listen to recordings of this meeting. We focus on openness and transparency in every area, which is why we care about the largest possible turnout among participants.
  • Maybe you had the opportunity to be with us during the #18 edition of CodeMeetings? This time we celebrated our 18th anniversary and more than 6 years of tech community meetings. Our four speakers talked about tools for people related to programming. How was it this time? Take a look at the video of the meeting and our CodeMeetings website, where you can find the latest information.
  • They say that it is not by work alone that a man lives, and there is something in it! That is why in our Wrocław and Świdnica Meethub we celebrate the holidays, which, like Fat Thursday, sweeten our day at work (on this occasion, of course, there was no lack of a vegan version!).
  • Cats community members conducted a collection of necessary items and donations for the Koci Zakątek Foundation. On this occasion, we organized an online competition for the most helpful cat or kitten in RST! Our fur coats packed packages and transferred funds, and from the pool of sent photos, we won Mr. Cat, who donated, among others, a bundle of food and toys for the cat foundation.
  • IT technologies are our middle name, but in order to be able to say which we love the most, we organized a Valentine's Day ranking of beloved technologies at RST in 2023! Elixir proved to be unrivaled, followed by Node.js and, ex aequo, TypeScript, and JavaScript.
  • This month we finished with sports and family during Saturday's walk to Ślęża. Together with the mountain lovers community, we went to the shelter for an apple pie with whipped cream! We continued the mountain atmosphere in the following month during an online lecture with our RST walkers: the world of mountain expeditions, our paths, and the lesser-known “trails with an idea”.

March #Communities #RSTwomen #RSTforest #RSTteam

  • Health is of particular importance to us, which is why on the occasion of Women's Day we organized a lecture on the field of physiotherapy and women's training. We focus on prevention and active knowledge sharing. We want to give you space to focus on your health and well-being.
  • This year is a special year for us. On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of RST, together with our employees, we have purchased 735 seedlings that will be planted in the RST Forest. We believe that nature gives us invaluable energy and peace, which is why we joined the forest planting campaign for the first time to be able to repay the environment and nature on such a large scale. Here you can see the results of our activities so far.
  • The first day of spring was the perfect time for a spring breakfast in our Meethub. A lot of healthy inspirations and a dose of vitamin energy were useful for the spring challenge of RST on Strava. This season, we have launched new sports events for every person, regardless of their level of sporting advancement and energy.

If you want to learn more about us, be sure to check our RST Culture Book and follow our social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn.

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