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Company Run 2022: How we combined our passion for running with commitment to help

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The 10th edition of the Bieg Firmowy relay race in Wrocław was a great day for us, with two RST teams standing shoulder to shoulder on the START line and running to support the charity for 10 little heroes of the Everest Foundation.

Magda, Paweł, Krzysiek, Gosia, Maja, Marek, Michał and Michał – we did our best! We feel very proud of our runners. Everyone ran as best as they could. The sun, rain, wind, crowds – quite literally, nothing could stop us!

What remains unchanged in Bieg Firmowy is the noble idea behind it: our little heroes. We are united by the common goal of providing help to children with disabilities. This year, we will help as many as 10 children under the care of the Everest Foundation! – source

Bieg firmowy RST 2022

RST has a long-standing history of runs and marathons, including, first of all, six editions of the RST Świdnica Half Marathon, of which we have the pleasure and honor to be the title sponsor. After all, the roots of our company go back to the internet cafe in Świdnica, and running is truly embedded in our hearts! The team is always ready to cover any distance, even on foot.

We joined Bieg Firmowy in Wrocław together with 2,220 other companies and 66,000 participants inspired by the spirit of health and competition.

It is not about covering the distance of 5 km, but about emphasizing the importance of helping others. This is when, together with other colleagues, you can make a real impact on the lives of those little heroes. A total of PLN 1,397,376 was donated for the 46 beneficiaries of the Foundation. Thanks to our joint commitment and power, their voice is heard better.

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