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Hire experienced chat app developers to enhance communication with your employees and customers.
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Communicate more conveniently with a custom real-time chat app

Benefit from the latest technologies in building a modern, intuitive text-, audio- and video-powered tools that makes online communication more interactive and efficient.
Group discussions
Push notifications
History backup and archiving
Social integrations
Contact synchronization
Audio and video calling
Media sharing
End-to-end encryption
Context - based modules

Engage users with a custom instant messaging app

Custom chat apps can be tailored to fit the specific needs of your users, delivering personalized user experience and reducing churn.
Boost team communication
Make communication immediate and authentic, everywhere your users are. Bring groups together through video conferencing, audio calling and real-time chat functionalities.
Expand your customer base
Allow your customers to reach you easily by adding a real-time chat app widgets to your customer service department with upselling modules.
Foster collaboration
Build a platform that facilitates instant file sharing, screen sharing during video calls and automated document syncing from any device and location.
Reach cross-platformability
Having both mobile and desktop chat applications will make communication more convenient, while push notifications will ensure team alignment.
Empower remote teams
Eliminate geographic distance and bring your employees together with a chat application that supports group discussions and online meetings.

Technology Stack

We’ve beeing developing geospatial solutions since 2005, gaining priceless expertise working with indsutry-leading software and tools.

Supercharge communications with an expert real-time chat app development company

Step one

Build scalable apps

From load balancing to cloud-based auto- scalability – with different approaches to choose from, your chat application will handle any number of participants at the lowest possible cost.
Step two

Maximize security and privacy

Secure your application with strong encryption and verification mechanisms. Remain in compliance with the necessary regulations.
Step three

Customize as required

Nothing is impossible – as every organization’s communication is unique, so we tailor every chat application to meet the specific user needs and business logic
Step four

Minimize downtime

We aim towards maximizing performanceand platform's stability, so neither you noryour users have to worry and miss anycritical conversation.
Step five

Sophisticated chat logic

Allow users to benefit from contextual chat, with a well-structured system of topical discussions, threaded conversations as well as public and private channels.
Step six

Third-party integrations

Integrate a real-time chat component into an already existing web or mobile application and have all the necessary functionalities in one place.

Our chat app case studies


Contextual web chat app for sales dept.

CarFellows is a cloud-based platform that offers an abundance of features to link B2C e-commerce to a dealership management system that simplifies and speeds up long-term rentals.

An internal communicator for sales dept. simplified the process of signing contracts.

On-demand language solutions platform

EasyTranslate sought to make providing language services like translations or interpreting more straightforward. We aided them in creating a multi-platform digital solution that would provide companies a novel approach to connecting with language specialists around the world.
What is a real-time chat app?

A real time chat application is an online communication tool that allows users to exchange messages and media files in real time. This means that a message is transferred from a sender to a receiver at the same time.

What are the pivotal features of a chat application?

Real-time messaging apps have evolved since their inception and provide diverse functionalities as owners compete for the leading market position.

The key components of a modern real-time messaging application include:

  • signup and login
  • account verification
  • multi-linguistic support
  • real-time chat
  • group chat
  • voice messaging
  • video calling
  • push notifications
  • privacy settings

In addition, owners are becoming increasingly creative in their endeavors to make their chat application stand out from the competition. Some features incorporated for this purpose include:

  • self-destructing messages
  • message scheduling
  • speech-to-text conversion
  • message broadcasting
  • HD video conferencing
  • AI-powered chatbots
  • collaboration tools.
Which industries can benefit from real-time messaging software?

Virtually any industry can make use of a dedicated real-time messaging platform that improves communication within their organizations and help to increase revenues. They are of particular importance for the following sectors:

  • Service-oriented businesses: real-time chat applications largely improve and simplify resolving customer inquiries. They can engage website visitors by offering convenient self-service opportunities.
  • Education: real-time chat in an education establishment can be very helpful to students. They can be used to support them with enrolling applicants, conducting daily classes, and resolving their queries conveniently.
  • Healthcare: digitalization in healthcare opened up new opportunities for both doctors and patients. Real time chat apps allow healthcare providers to offer more instant advice and support as well as making healthcare accessible to patients regardless of their location.
  • E-commerce: in this sector, real time chat apps are used not only to communicate with customers, but also to boost conversions and sales. As customers get immediate response via a dedicated sales channel, they gain confidence in a brand and are more likely to make a purchase.
What are the most popular messaging apps on the market?

With over 2 billion users globally, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app on the market. WeChat holds the second place with over 1.2 billion users, followed by Facebook Messenger that is being used by almost 1 billion people. Other popular messaging apps include QQ, Snapchat, and Telegram.

How much does real-time chat app development with RST cost?

It's impossible to provide the exact cost of real-time messaging app development as it will depend on a number of factors as well as the functionalities featured in the tool. Creating a real-time chat application requires an expert team that will take care of the design, front-end and back-end development, quality assurance and business analysis. The scale at which you aim to operate will also affect the final price. Contact us directly to understand how much your desired tool will cost.