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Bartłomiej Lechowski
Frontend Developer
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RST’s internal React Native dev community

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At RST Software we host 5 different internal tech communities, which are run and come out directly from the needs of our people: Testers, Frontend, DevOps, Backend, and React Native. React Native, alongside Flutter, is one of the two leading mobile technologies at RST. Regular meetings are aimed at solving problems of everyday programming life, exchanging experiences and approaches. The fact that our dev communities are constantly growing, pleases us and adds motivation to do even more.

Initially, we wanted to create a space where we can exchange our knowledge and experience using React Native. With each meeting, our community grows stronger, as we are discussing best practices, architecture designs and pros and cons in comparison to other popular mobile technologies like Flutter. True knowledge sharing – like no other company before RST.

— Kacper Szewczyk (Community Lead & Frontend Developer, RST Software)
Meetings allow us to exchange knowledge in all areas related to React Native framework. We oftentimes discuss the latest trends and things that caused us issues during development. Thanks to the community, we broaden our horizons in mobile development with solutions supported by our commercial experience.

— Bartek Lechowski (Frontend Developer, RST Software)

We are pretty hopeful that our meetings will attract more and more React Native developers, thanks to which, we'll create various good practices for the React Native technology itself.

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