All-in-one platform
for interior designers

Creating a tool to streamline interior design workflows
RST Software worked with SkyHome to build an online space dedicated to interior designers. It covers all of their day-to-day needs: from visualizing designs, through drafting on mood boards to purchasing furniture and finishes – all in one place.
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Paweł Lorenc
Node.js developer
Our challenge
If you have ever been involved in the process of designing or renovating a flat or a house – you know how much goes into it. Multiply it by ten, and you get a sense of what interior designers deal with every day.

When SkyHome decided to build their all-in-one platform for interior designers, we knew that they needed a software that conveniently brings all stakeholders together and offers all the essential features through an easy-to-use software.

Platform architecture

SkyHome is powered with a custom AdminJS back office, an interior design platform and B2C eCommerce. It's easy to manage and meets all of the needs of interior designers.

Services provided

React frontend
Node.js backend
3rd-party 3D
planner integration
UX/UI design

With SkyHome, interior designers can deliver the full scope of design services

We developed an all-in-one cloud-based solution offering a powerful set of visualization tools. Interior designers can create full-fledged projects and conveniently purchase the materials to implement them, while admins can manage the platform with ease.

Custom admin panel for business operations
SkyHome is powered with an admin panel that serves as a central hub for managing both interior designers and the B2C e-commerce platform.
Order manangement
CSV import manager
User management
Brand management
Product management
Role-based access control
Media management
Products’ properties editor
Utilize 3D design capabilities to craft delightful visualizations
Our custom-built single system offers unlimited possibilities for managing the complete interior design workflows easily and conveniently.
Built-in 3D planning software
Unlimited number of projects
3D models of all products available on the B2C platform
Unlimited number of mood boards
Built-in mood board creator
No software downloads required
We set up an eCommerce platform with thousands of products available to create unique interior designs
We built a closed platform designated for the designers and their clients, offering access to products used in the designs. The main benefit? The vision can be made real exactly as intended.
Only real equipment
SkyHome cooperates with dozens of manufacturers and suppliers, allowing designers to reproduce their projects 1:1 in real life.
Advanced search filters
Built-in search engine allows to filter avaialble database of ove 10k products using various properties like color, style, price and more.
Product configurator
Products with customization options can be easily adjusted to customers’ taste via the built-in configurator.
Custom wishlists
Both designers and their clients can create lists of products they like for future reference
or purchase.
12 000 +
products on the platform
SkyHome is powered with these technologies
K8s on AWS
GitHub Actions