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Reflecting on 2022 – the year of events at RST

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As we look ahead to the new year, we reflect on the activities we participated in during the 2022. Our involvement included a variety of sports initiatives, our own work, and promoting hobbies and interests close to our hearts.

One of the events we participated in was “Bieg Firmowy 2022”, a charity running event in Wrocław supporting the Everest Foundation. You could also meet us at the starting line of the “RST Półmaraton Świdnicki”, a local half-marathon, of which we happen to be a Title Sponsor for many years now. Running has always been an important part of our lives, and we are committed to supporting others through this particular form of activity.

We also took part in the “Złombol Charity Rally”, during which we raised funds for children in orphanages. Our team of Maciek, Włodek, Kacper, and Krzysiek drove over 4,000 km in our Fiat and made it to Albania in 6 days!

In addition, we supported the “Movember” and “Pink October” campaigns to promote awareness and health-related self-examination. We want our employees and their loved ones to stay up-to-date on their wellbeing.

Besides that, we organized two of our “Let's Do Something Good” campaigns. The autumn edition focused on supporting dogs from the “Schronisko Pod Psią Gwiazdą” shelter. We constructed 18 insulated kennels, collected food and other necessary day-to-day items, visited the pets, and delivered those gifts to their new homes.

It was with great pleasure that we had the opportunity to support the Special School and Educational Centre in Dobroszyce through our December edition of “Let's Do Something Good for Christmas”. We used the funds raised to renovate and equip the daycare centre. Is it not the first time we had the chance to meet the children and their caregivers, as we already helped them last year. But it was the Santa's letters that truly touched our hearts, and it was with joy that we were able to fulfil more than 20 special wishes. We are proud to have been able to contribute to the wellbeing of these children.

Integration time!

At RST, we strive to create a workplace that fosters engagement and is full of unique atmosphere, personal growth opportunities and conversations.

Recently, we had the chance to get to know each other better on the “RST Integration Trip”, where we spent two magnificent days at the Hollimo resort in Moravia. Everyone was able to find something to enjoy, with activities like tennis, sauna, chess, basketball, billiard, yoga, swimming pool, and a fun outdoor game. The evening ended with an unforgettable party that went on until the morning.

Additionally, we had a wonderful “End-of-Year Meeting” on the roof of Q Hotel Bielany, with a stunning view of the city skyline. The evening was full of festive music, the Board of Directors' speech, a review of the year, a charity auction, a quiz, and even a Santa Claus contest! An evening full of magical memories indeed.

Building our tech community

Here at RST, we strive to build a strong tech community, which is why we attend technology events and share our knowledge. We may have first met at one of the largest tech events in Poland, “Code Europe” in Gdańsk, where we had an abundance of conversations with many of you. Every new person we spoke to allowed us to gain a unique perspective on the IT world.

We also invited you to take part in two of our “CodeMeetings” events at our Meethub in Wrocław. We focused on topics such as JavaScript and AWS, and you had the opportunity to listen to lectures and engage in conversations with at least 6 experts from RST, with our enthusiastic audience members cheering them on.

But not only we dedicate ourselves to sharing our knowledge outside the company, we also hone the competencies of our colleagues. A series of training sessions, both soft and technical, led by our staff, revealed the impressive skillset we possess and how we can support and encourage each other's growth.

The culture of openness, transparency, and values-based relationships has enabled us to approach even the most complex topics in a welcoming and family-like atmosphere. We do this to make our “Board of Directors Meetings” engaging and lively, so that questions can be asked and conversations can be had. Through these meetings, we've seen that our employees are highly invested in the direction of RST's development.

RST Lifestyle

Our employees come from diverse backgrounds, and that diversity is reflected in our lifestyle. From biking together to playing chess or board games, we enjoy sharing our interests with each other through various lifestyle communities. We can exchange books, plan game nights, or even learn about gardening and coffee making.

This year, we even had the chance to take part in a professional “Fotoday” photoshoot, and created a video showcasing the different types of work we do at RST. Our employees are full of unique talents, and we love to show them off.

We also like to extend our time together outside of work, and have often invited our employees and their families to join us. We have gone on family canoeing trips, complete with bonfires, held children's workshops for Children's Day, and celebrated holidays like Admin Day or Tester's Day.

And what awaits us in 2023? You will find out soon. Be sure to follow our profile on FB and Instagram. ;)

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