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Scale your business rapidly with best-in-class React Native app development services

React Native allows developers to reuse the same codebase for both Android and iOS mobile app development, allowing you to launch your product before your competitors.
Cut development costs
Get the best value for your money with a single development process for a multi-platform app. With React Native app development services, you don't need to hire separate development teams for every platform.
Accelerate time-to-market
Since React Native applications are made of shareable building blocks and do not require code duplication for different platforms, you can cut the development time and release all app versions faster.
Build reliable and stable mobile apps
Businesses that want to invest in mobile app development that is highly reliant and stable, won't be disappointed with React Native apps. With one-way data flow, the React Native framework offers both easy debugging and stable code.
Maximize application security
Our experienced React Native developers keep pace with the latest security requirements and trends, so your cross-platform mobile apps are protected from the very outset of the app development process.
Build native-like UIs
React Native places a strong emphasis on creating stunning interfaces – it comes with a lot of component libraries and UI toolkits that give developers and designers a lot of creative freedom and allow them to build truly interactive apps fast.
Assemble your dedicated team with ease
Using React Native for your cross-platform apps guarantees easy access to skilled professionals – the framework consistently tops the list of 5 most popular frameworks among professional developers, as surveyed by Stack Overflow.

Build robust cross-platform apps with a top React Native development company

Using React Native development services allows businesses to benefit from JavaScript/TypeScript code to create apps for Android and iOS at the same time, helping you effectively connect with your entire audience.
Great flexibility
Used to create diverse projects, both large and small, React Native streamlines the entire development process. It is also super efficient at resolving native code challenges, such as integration with unsupported APIs or device-specific functions.
Live and hot reloading
The live and hot reloading features available in React Native app development allow developers to apply changes and fixes in real-time, increasing the overall productivity. They can also reload only the modified components, saving time on compilation.
Code reusability
One of the greatest features of React Native are its reusable components that allow developers to create both iOS and Android apps using a shared codebase. Develop and launch your React Native apps on multiple platforms at once.
Comprehensive libraries
To further accelerate the development time, React Native offers a wide range of isolated UI component libraries, helping programmers to follow the best software development practices. Text, images, animations, scrolling lists and many more features come in the form of reusable elements.
Stability and reliability
The best ReactJS development companies focus on ensuring their technology is backward compatible, so you won’t have to worry about having to rewrite your apps after new versions are introduced.
OTA updates
Over-the-air updates give you an ability to update your mobile apps without having your users to manually download a new version each time you release new features. Their apps will update in the background, allowing you to provide a seamless user experience and fix issues without ever disturbing your users.
Large support community
React Native is open source, which means that if you are facing issues in your project, there is a strong community which you can reach out to for support. It’s also relatively easy to hire React Native developers as the technology shows a steady pace of growth and is used by manyindustry-leading software companies.
Single tech stack for end-to-end app development
Because React Native is founded upon React and is essentially a JavaScript technology, you can have your web and mobile frontend as well as Node.js-based backend operate within a single technology stack, making it much easier to manage, both from the tech and human talent perspective.

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As a React Native app development company, we have been supporting our clients in delivering bespoke products that serve thousands of users across the globe. Our React Native app development team will work with you to create mobile apps that attract and retain user attention, help your business expand its distribution, increase brand exposure, build engagement and loyalty and accelerate your digital transformation journey.
Hire expert React Native developers, experienced in buildings advanced cross-platform solutions.
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Hire expert React Native developers, experienced in building advanced cross-platform solutions


A bespoke app fighting food waste and promoting savings

We developed a React Native mobile app for Kitche that helps reduce food waste and its ecological imprint on our planet while helping households generate savings. The cross-platform app incorporates a precision OCR algorithm as well as an integration with a 3rd-party food ontology and semantic recipe search engine.

A cross-platform mobility app for the Asian market

We built an app that addresses the challenging reality of transportation in Indonesia and made commuting easier for citizens. Our React Native team developed a set of cross-platform apps ready for rapid scalability, precise GPS tracking and painless onboarding.

A language learning app for international teams

We developed a React Native mobile app for Kitche that helps reduce food waste and its ecological imprint on our planet while helping households generate savings. The cross-platform app incorporates a precision OCR algorithm as well as an integration with a 3rd-party food ontology and semantic recipe search engine.


What technical skills to look for in a React Native developer?

Proficiency in JavaScript. Both ReactJS and React Native are built using JavaScript, so a developer must have a strong understanding of the language. They should be familiar with modern JS features and syntax, including concepts like closures, prototypes, and promises.

Understanding of React architecture. ReactJS and React Native both use a component-based architecture, so when hiring a React developer make sure they're comfortable creating and working with components. They should understand how to manage state and props, how to handle events, and how to use lifecycle methods effectively.

Experience with API integration. Many React apps require integration with external APIs, so familiarity with concepts like RESTful APIs, HTTP requests, and JSON data is required.

Familiarity with Redux. Redux is a popular state management library used with React, and many React applications use it to manage complex data flows. Your candidate should be familiar with Redux concepts such as actions, reducers, and stores, and understand how to use the library effectively in their React apps.

Experience with mobile app development. React Native is used for mobile app development, so a developer should have experience with mobile development concepts like native UI elements, mobile device APIs, and cross-platform compatibility. Knowledge of tools like Xcode and Android Studio, which are used to build and test React Native apps is highly recommended.

What soft skills to look for in a React Native developer?

Excellent communication skills comes as no surprise. The app development process is full of back and forth within the team and with the stakeholders. All the people involved will have a varied level of technical knowledge and focus points. Your React dev needs to be able to understand the requirements and clearly communicate updates.

Being a problem solver. The individual you hire has to be able to think in a structured, logical way in order to proactively identify and resolve issues in advance, as well as handle them as they appear in the development process.

Great team player. Even the most skilled React developer will still have to cooperate with other individuals such as a graphic designer, product manager and tester. They need a bit of an open personality that allows them to fit in with a group of diverse talents.

What is the difference between React Native development and native development?

React Native development can get the UI to work on both iOS and Android. Because of that, it's suitable for most apps that rely heavily on the user interface. In contrast, native app development works well when we want to take full advantage of all the hardware-specific features that an operating system offers. This can be added to a React Native app too, but will require respective modules written using native code.

What is the difference between React JS and React Native?

React Native was created to enable mobile developers to easily build cross-platform mobile apps. The framework uses a set of internal APIs and UI elements of Android and iOS instead of creating its own. With that, React Native apps offer native-like performance on both operating systems. React.JS is a JavaScript library used to build interfaces for web apps.

What is React Native?

React Native is a framework that lets developers build cross-platform mobile apps for both Android and iOS using JavaScript (JS).

Indeed, React Native allows developers to build applications for the two dominating operating systems using the same codebase.

One of the greatest advantages of the React Native framework is cross-platform compatibility: it allows developers to reuse large proportions of code across different platforms, significantly cutting the mobile app development time.

As such, the framework solves a number of mobile app development challenges: it can shorten the development time of your project and reduce the overall cost of building a mobile app. Businesses that opt to create their apps with this technology don't need two separate teams for native development, but rather the services of a single React Native app development company or team.

How to choose a React Native development company?

Selecting a reliable React Native app development company is critical to achieving the best results and the ultimate product's success. It's essential to work with a company with substantial experience in this technology.

RST Software has released numerous React Native apps. Take advantage of our expertise and release or update your Android and iOS applications at the same time. Our React Native developers are available and ready to tackle your next cross-platform development project.