Informal meetings of IT professionals

by RST Software Masters

We create software and develop IT products for clients around the world.
We have been operating for more than 25 years in the IT industry. While creating products, we develop a technology community. Since 2017, we have been inviting developers from all over Poland to co-create it during our external CodeMeetings.

Here you will meet technology enthusiasts, people curious about out-of-the-box solutions, and people willing to learn and share their knowledge with others. Each meeting is unique. Technologies and novel experiences that are present with us serve as a discussion and networking starting point.

You can join the live stream or watch the speeches of our speakers after the event. We strongly encourage you to join the live discussion and be there with us to share experiences with people who share the same passion.
Tomasz Banasiak
"CodeMeetings is a brand that we are proud of" says the company.
The origins of CodeMeetings were to share experiences, challenges, and technology news. Today, we want to create a place for casual, technical, and peri-technical discussions. Especially now, in the era of remote work and the absence of the old conversations in the office by the coffee machine, the first meeting in 2017 was an experiment; today, CodeMeetings is a brand we are proud of.

Tomasz Banasiak is the originator and founder of CodeMeetings.

Experience in IT

Another #CodeMeetings technology community meeting is behind us!
This edition's partner is Innergo – Apple Authorised Enterprise Reseller.

“Is it the business grumbling or IT causing trouble?”
guest speaker Arkadiusz Cempura - Innergo

Is it the business grumbling or IT causing trouble?
“User-Fudged Experience”
Włodzimierz Mazur — Product Design Lead
“The experience of working with TypeScript 12 years after its creation”
Kacper Szewczyk — Frontend Developer







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Can I speak at CodeMeetings?

We are open to collaboration with outside specialists. In this regard, please write to us and let us know what specialized area you are interested in. We prepare our presentations together, supporting each other in technology and public speaking.

Who can I meet during the event?

IT professionals, technology fans, RST employees, our speakers, and people from different departments and areas of our company The networking time gives us space for free discussion. You can get to know our recruitment team and ask about issues of interest to you.

Do the CodeMeetings take place in the office at RST?

Yes, at our Wroclaw Meethub. If you don't have the opportunity to be there with us, you can watch the entire event live on Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube. The meeting is recorded, and you can watch it at any time.