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CodeMeetings #17 – bring more chairs!

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Do stationary meetings in the office still have a viability after the pandemic era? The latest edition of our meetings for developers – CodeMeetings #17 – shows that they definitely do!

Despite the fact that for several editions we have been focusing on live-streaming and video recording, which you can watch for yourself after the event, the opportunity to meet live, discuss or simply be among people with the same passion is still very valuable. The attendance surprised us so much that just before the start of the event, we had to increase the number of available chairs! :)

Let's talk about JavaScript

This edition was dedicated to JavaScript. Our guests were able to learn, among other things, what is the difference between CommonJS and ECMAScript Modules and how you can prepare the code you write today for the upcoming, inevitable changes in the programming language.

As part of the second talk, we presented advanced examples of the use of dependency injection and how they can help to force developers to write modular code.

The last presentation was a practical handbook on what to be aware of when generating 3D graphics in the browser using Three.js and react-three-fiber.

Our event did not end with the last slide however, as after our meeting agenda was over and speakers answered all questions, we continued lively discussions in a more casual format.

For those who couldn't attend

We had dozens of people watching the livestream all the way through, but by far the most online views are a day/two after the event – clearly the rest of you want to watch the presentations at your convenience. As of this moment, the transcript of the broadcast has been viewed more than 800 times. In a few days, videos of the lectures will also be posted on our YouTube channel, where you can watch previous presentations (in Polish) right now.

Feedback on the event and meeting agenda

We always ask participants, both in-person and online, for information on what we can do better and what to pay attention to in terms of organization so that the next edition is even better than the previous ones. An important part of the event is also feedback for the speakers – a sort of currency that you can pay for the effort and time they’ve put into their presentations. Most of our speakers are just beginning their adventure with public speaking, which is why the opinion of the audience is of such importance.

In this edition, the level and form of all presentations were rated very highly, the average score oscillated around the maximum value.

What's next?

We are very pleased with the positive reception of the event and are very happy that there is still a demand for a space to exchange experiences, spend time with other technological enthusiasts. We will come back with another edition early next year.

Yes, this time we will prepare more chairs. ;)

See you there!

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