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Technological Communities in RST through the eyes of the hosts

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In our most recent post, we wrote about the initiatives undertaken at RST within our internal communities (Internal API Rest workshops in Node.js and Internal React Native workshops). This time we want to tell you that there a 4 very active technological communities operating in our organization. Community Frontend at high noon, Testers, DevOps and Backend meet regularly, every second week. Our organization takes pride in these meetings, as they convince us of the fact that it successfully promotes a culture of sharing knowledge and learning from each other. What do the hosts say about the meetings:

Community Testers – Michał Birowski (QA Leader)

Community Testers is RST’s oldest, operating, at intervals, for a few years now. Established in order to provide testers working in separate teams and executing separate projects with a sense of belonging, it offered them a great opportunity to talk about the quality of the soft, tools used in particular projects, and share stories of interesting cases. The community allows them to present their findings, and developed solutions and tools. Sometimes we are joined by specialists, e.g. in the field of non-functional tests or infrastructure. The sharing of knowledge and experience across our matrix structure is the most significant contribution of the Community to the organization. We host regular meetings in order to share knowledge and consult each other on organizational matters concerning testing our most considerable projects. We also have a channel on Slack available to everyone in need of assistance. Subjects of meetings vary, but they always fall within the domain of Software QA: from technical aspects of contractual testing of electrical measuring instruments, through interruption testing of infrastructure, to pondering fundamental questions like: “Who do we even perform tests?”

RST Software - Community Backend

Community Backend – Sławomir Piotrowski (Technical Archiect)

Community backend is a natural complement to our other communities that were established earlier. This world, although seemingly invisible, as it lies deep below the surface of the user’s interface, is in reality rich in solutions and technologies. Backend architecture is responsible for the perception of responsiveness and security of an application. It is a world full of complex business logic, data management, and mechanisms of redundancy. At meetings, we discuss the technologies that we use, how to streamline processes of developing software, and ways of modeling system architecture. Thanks to their unique form of chat groups, meetings held within this community allow us to share knowledge more effectively and focus on the essence of RST projects

RST Software - Community DevOps

Community DevOps – Mariusz Pańszczyk  (IT System Administrator)

We often share knowledge with people involved in other projects, and the meetings allow us to reach a higher level by providing an opportunity to discuss a particular problem or approach to it. Apart from technological aspects, communities strengthen relationships between specialists. It is also a perfect place and time to ask the participants whether they have fulfilled their tasks and how they approached a given problem. Sometimes we try to answer the question of which direction we should take in order to solve a problem, and be more effective. Undoubtedly, everyone screens the market for new technologies, applications, and releases. When we draw conclusions, we summarize everything that matters and attracts our attention.

RST Software - Community Frontend

Community Frontend „at high noon” – Mariusz Przodała (Frontend Technical Architect)

Our frontend designers decided to unite and reactivate the space for sharing knowledge, drawing inspiration, and solving problems that we face on a daily basis. Thanks to these meetings, we can find out what technologies are used in other projects. In addition, we have space and the opportunity to share knowledge with others through presentations or casual discussions about new technologies and our ideas. Thanks to such meetings, we can often try our hand at presentations for the first time, which later helps us conduct workshops or participate in Codemeetings events at RST.

It is a natural step to organize workshops and meetings that allow us to freely share knowledge in the organization, also outside the community, giving practical knowledge and the opportunity to get to know a given technology or solution better.

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