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RST at Code Europe Tricity 2022

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Code Europe is the largest programming conference in Poland, one of the largest in Europe, a meeting place with international experts in the IT industry and time to present the latest technologies that are used among the leading IT companies in Poland.

This year's conference took place in a magical place on the premises of the Gdańsk Shipyard. The industrial décor combined with the latest technology, neon lights, incredible music and hundreds of international audiences gave us incredible power and energy for a whole day of meetings with participants.


On the spot we checked in with strong members: Tomek Banasiak (Developer) , Marek Ziółkowski (Chief Solutions Officer), Katarzyna Zalewska (Senior Recruitment Coordinator), Robert Zatycki (Multimedia Designer) and Małgorzata Maskiewicz (Employer Branding Lead). You gave us a great sense of satisfaction by coming to us so many times, discussing, asking about RST, our technologies, projects, history and company profile. We were waiting for you and it was nice to meet in person two winners of our competition on FB, who won free admission to the conference from RST.

RST na code europe Gdańsk konkurs na fb

The event was divided into 6 technological paths:

  • Cybersecurity (Security Technologies and Tools, Encryption, protection from various attacks, Tech and Behaviour enhancing security).
  • Infrastructure/DevOps (All about clouds, Networks, Data. Infrastructure management, Best Practices, Tools & Knowhow).
  • Development Execution (It’s all about execution. Best Practices, tools and techniques).
  • Future & Inspire (Blockchain, Robotics, Space, Metaverse, Autonomous vehicles).
  • Programming languages (Frontend, Backend, libraries, tools and better practices, newcomers, Software architecture, C++, .NET, Python, JAVA, C#, Javascript, Golang, PWA).
  • Data & AI (Deep & Machine Learning, Big Data & Warehousing, Visualisation and analysis, Neural links, AI).

RST supported: Programming Language, Infrastructure/DevOps, Cybersecurity and Future & Inspire.

Our employees came to Gdańsk with us, who not only had the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and talk about IT news with other participants, they were also a direct source of information for us about what level of knowledge they represent, how the conference works from the participant’s point of view and whether, to put it bluntly, they are satisfied with the participation in the event – in short, whether it is worth being at it. There is no more valuable feedback for us than this, given directly from our people.

We learn from others the fastest! For this reason, it is worth it to appear at conferences such as Code Europe and listen to what the speakers have prepared. It is an ideal opportunity to confront and systematize your knowledge. And since I traveled all over Poland on the way from Wrocław to the Tri-City with the RST team – there was an opportunity for mutual integration! Whoever has a training budget – let them enjoy it!
Paweł Lorenc (Developer in RST)
RST Code europe konkurs na FB

What did our presence at this event give us? Recognition and the possibility of getting to know RST is one side of the coin. The second aspect is the contacts we have managed to establish and once again we would like to thank those interested in our company for their conversations. We had the opportunity to get to know competing companies, compare our offers and see how the IT company market is currently developing. Sharing knowledge and learning are important elements of our work, what’s more, it is always worth looking for inspiration and getting to know industry trends to better choose your own direction.

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