Geospatial Data Visulization Services

Develop or integrate software for spatial data processing.
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Geospatial data heatmaps

Using spatial heatmaps, you can identify clusters where there is
a high concentration of activity. You can analyze hotspots and arrays with heatmaps to generate visual insights otherwise impossible to obtain.

Observations can be used to make data-enhanced decision for further business growth, sales expansion or even fraud detection and prevention.

Geospatial fleet tracking

Modern fleet tracking relies heavily on real-time telemetry, gathered from various 1st- and 3rd-party sensors and delivered to designated data warehouses.

These arrays of both telemetic and geospatial information can be used to power real-time fleet tracking software, integrated within your web and mobile application, providing both internal teams and your customers with the precise location of the tracked vehicle.
Geospatial fleet tracking
Indoor point cloud visualization
Modern 3D

Indoor point cloud visualization

Modern 3D mapping technologies can generate large sets of dense, coloured point cloud data both from survey-grade equipment, like mobile-mounted lasers, and consumer-oriented gear, like LIDAR sensors.

Gathered data can be used for building detailed 3D visualizations for forther usage in interior design, architecture or VR/AR game development.
Photogrammetry data visualization

Photogrammetry data visualization

Making maps with "cartographic enhancements" based on photogrammetry data can be accomplished through photomapping, which records, measures, and interprets photographic images.

For example, Google is capable of creating 3D imagery for its Google Earth software with the help of photogrammetry and 3D modeling.
Create 3D
Open-source geospatial data

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Technology Stack

We’ve beeing developing geospatial solutions since 2005, gaining priceless expertise working with indsutry-leading software and tools.
Use cases
Uber’s fraud prevention system
Depending on how many rides a driver completes, Uber offers bonuses. To fool the system into believing that they have completed enough rides, people will use fake location apps to spoof their GPS data. As a result, Uber started collecting in-depth telemetry from its users, including location, speed, and altitude.

When Uber suspects someone is trying to cheat the system, it can pull and visualize aggregated spatial data to penalize the cheaters. Some rides happen in the mid-air, apparently, as you can see on the right…
Real-time road restictions
for trucks
When building the platform (click to read our case study), one of the features we developed is a data layer that shows real-time road restrictions for freight movement. While we integrate 3rd-party data from the largest road restriction provider, their information is mostly long-term.

That's why we aggregate our own database of real-time spatial information and create an enhanced view of possible routes for Trans' clients. Adding yet another competitive advantage to one of the largest logistic platforms in Europe.
Althetic activities heatmaping
Using Strava, athletes from all over the world can discover new places to be active by browsing global activity-related heatmaps.
Heatmaps show a year's worth of aggregated public activity, with monthly data updates.
Activities that Strava users mark as private are not visible. They can also completely opt out by updating their privacy settings.
There may be no 'heat' in areas with very sparse activity.

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