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Build low-latency video streaming platforms

Benefit from your own streaming solutions, including a custom video on demand plaftorm, a live streaming software, or OTT media services.
Real-time video chat platforms
Low-latency live streaming apps
Video ad platfroms
Live broadcasting platforms
4K-capable VOD platforms
SmartTV applications
Video conferencing
OTT media services
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Or maybe you simply want to build an alternative to an existing product?

Harness existing expertise to create better video streaming platforms and outperform your competition.

Reap benefits from developing your own video content platform

Step one

Make your product interactive

Video streaming apps allow you to create interactive content that engages your customers in a more immersive and entertaining way, keeping them interested and coming back for more.
Step two

Build omnichannel communication

Video content can be personalized to meet the unique needs and preferences of your customers. Provide personalized user experience that resonates with them and their content consumption patterns.
Step three

Engage your audience

Custom video streaming platform can be used to offer tutorials and demos on how to use your product, troubleshoot common iss ues, and answer frequently asked questions. This in turn can reduce customer frustration and improve their overall experience with your product.
Step four

Attract new, unique audiences

Data shows that Gen Z and Gen Alpha are tired of text and seek to consume more engaging video content. Tap into new audiences by building a video streaming app they want to dedicate their time and attention to.
Step five

Gain accurate customer insights

Track how your customers engage with your video content, including what they watch, how long they watch, and how often they return. Gain insights into your customers' preferences and behavior and tailor your product and marketing strategies accordingly.
Step six

Boost your sales

Video streaming is an effective tool for increasing sales by showcasing your product in action, highlighting its features and benefits, and building trust with your audience. Customers are more likely to make a purchase if they see and understand how the product works.

Technology Stack

Our team has in-depth expertise in various technologies needed to develop low-latency streaming solutions.

Our video streaming case studies


Video content management system

Our team has created a cutting-edge, AdminJS-powered video content management system specifically designed for artists and influencers who publish original video content on the Trash app. By utilizing the CMS, content creators could streamline their media management workflows

Audio and video conferences on the go

We crafted a suite of iOS and Android applications that allowed multiple users to engage in audio and video conference calls, with the added benefit of real-time translations from a professional interpreter.

Advanced technology facilitated low-latency communication and collaboration across different languages, enhancing the platform’s user experience.
How to create a video streaming service?

Creating a comprehensive list of features and project requirements is the first step in the process of building a successful video streaming app. Taking the time to properly analyse your business needs will ensure that you find the right team or agency to bring your vision to life.

If you have no previous experience, you may want to look for product workshop services.

How much time does it take to build a video streaming application?

The development timeline of a custom video streaming app varies depending on several factors such as the type of the app, the scope of features, and the required technologies.

On average, a custom video streaming application takes approximately 9+ weeks to develop.

However, we understand that each project is unique, and to provide an accurate estimate for your specific idea, please contact us with your project details. Our team of experts will evaluate your requirements and provide you with a tailored development plan and timeline.

How much does it cost to develop a video streaming app?

The most sensible option would be to build an MVP with just the core features. Starting with a product workshop will allow you to grasp the scale of what you want to build as well as get a good understanding of how much it will cost, what technology you might require etc.

When all of that is set and done, you'll probably arrive at a ballpark estimation around $50000 to $75000 in order to develop a video streaming app MVP, including design.

Feel free to try our brand-new interactive MVP Cost Estimator to get a better idea of the required capital.

How do you ensure the high quality of video content delivery?

Optimizing video content delivery is crucial for enhancing user experience (UX). Our team of video streaming app developers can provide you with effective solutions to reduce bandwidth consumption and improve video content delivery.

We use stage-of-the-art cloud solutions to help with live data compression, enable adaptive video streaming that adjusts to the user�s network speed, utilize content delivery networks (CDN) to shorten the distance between user's location and a server, and use cloud-based DVR for further video content repurposing.

With our expertise in video content delivery, we can sure help you provide seamless streaming experiences for your audience.

Do you provide video streaming application development services for desktop, web, mobile and Smart TV platforms?

When it comes to developing cross-platform video streaming apps, we understand the importance of ensuring that users can access your video content seamlessly from different devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktop PCs, and Smart TVs.

Here at RST Software, we also specialize in mobile cross-platform development using React Native technology, delivering mobile apps that work both on Android and iOS with a shared codebase.

Can you augment our team with your experts?

Our staff augmentation services allow you to seamlessly integrate our expert video streaming developers into your existing team, whether you need to fill a gap while searching for a local candidate or extend your team with VOD development experts.

With our team augmentation services, you can save time and resources while still accessing the skills and know-how you need to succeed.

Contact us to learn more about our team expansion services and how we can help you scale quickly and efficiently.

Do you provide only full-cycle video streaming app development services or you can add video streaming to my existing product?

As a leading video streaming app development company, we offer customized services to meet your specific business needs. We focus on co-creating and delivering digital products that perfectly align with your goals.

For instance, if you need to add audio or video streaming functionality to your existing app, we can seamlessly develop or integrate this feature for you.

Additionally, we provide post-development maintenance and support, such as API and SDK updates, and fixing any bugs that may arise. Our dedicated team of media streaming experts is committed to providing tailored solutions to ensure your success.