Hybrid workplace management app

Clara’s mission is to disrupt the way workplaces are managed today

The goal is to build a solution that helps hybrid teams manage their workplace amenities and services, all while being the first UK’s end-to-end platform for company that operate digitally.

Our platform has to provide more flexibility and transparency to customers on the one side of the market and operational predictability and efficiency to suppliers on the other.
Tomasz Janik
Software Developer


Our main challenge was to build a user-friendly platform that provides flexibility, transparency, and predictability to Clara’s non-technical end-customers and suppliers.

At the very start, the success of the project heavily depended on our ability to work closely with Clara’s team to identify pain points, analyze available market data, and design a solution that streamlines workplace management.

As Clara rolled-out its MVP to their first customers and received great reviews, we focused on delivering new features.

Platform’s structure

Clara is specifically designed to optimize efficiency, reduce stress, and cut costs for workspace administrators by enabling seamless discovery, booking, management,
and payment for a variety of office services.

Delivered services

React frontend
Node.js backend
product design
Testing and
quaility assurance

How we started?

Below’s the timeline from our initial discovery workshop with Clara’s team to the final design and consequent enhancements. We’re always committed to continuous evolution of the product.

Our product discovery workshops

To define the product's scope and cost, we organized a 2-day workshop focusing on Clara's business, refining the product idea, and preparing detailed project documentation
and cost estimates.
Through close collaboration with our clients, we ensure that our design choices are well-informed.

While working on Clara, we organised discovery and ideation workshops in our HQ in Wroclaw, Poland. During the intense 2 days of discussions, we learned about the team’s vision for the end-product and gained valuable insights into their business plans.
We do our best to tailor the form of our workshops not only to to our clients’ business needs, but also interests and mood.

This time, we had a pleasure to collaborate with a huge football fan so we magically changed our board into
a football pitch!

We build a centralised hybrid office management platform

To cultivate evidence-based conversations, the app encourages users to back their opinions with real data by providing relevant evidence links and hashtags.

Admin department-friendly responsive web application

Efficiently manage all your suppliers, employees, and  multiple offices on a single platform by streamlining processes and significantly reducing administrative hours.
Including such features as:
Recurring orders
Multiple offices management
Order scheduling
Invoices generation
Events planner
Consolidated payments
Accounting software integration
Dedicated concierge

Including such features as:

Recurring orders
Multiple offices management
Order scheduling
Invoices generation
Events planner
Consolidated payments
Accounting software integration
Dedicated consierge

Custom office supplies and services marketplace

Clara is a one-stop shop for all types of products and services needed to run the office: cleaning, catering, fridge stocking, stationery, WFH packs, coffee and more.
Custom shopping cart architecture
B2B-oriented payment flows
Rich categories structure and filters
Multiple offices delivery within the same order
Local partnerships
Custom requests and chat features

Data-driven design

We emphasized the importance of utilizing behavior analytics data instead of relying on pure assumptions. Hotjar enabled us to gain valuable insight into the interactions between Clara's customers and our design, revealing the true customer experience within Clara's application.

The technology stack

Amazon RDS
OAuth2 Proxy