How to build a location-based application using OpenStreetMap

What’s inside:
comprehensive and up-to-date guide for CTOs considering to use OpenStreetMap in their apps
3 key principles of designing a database for your location-based solution
how we automated open-source data updates to build an accurate and stable software for
how we implemented hybrid cloud architecture with a dedicated PTV-based server for route mapping
benefits from building a custom spatial decision support system (SDSS)
how we managed to save over $400,000 on monthly map API usage with OpenStreetMap

This ebook is for you if:

you are looking to implement OpenStreetMap data within your application
you want to switch from Google Maps or Mapbox as your geospatial data provider
you are looking for ways to optimize map usage costs of your existing GIS software
you are operating on a limited budget and want to understand how to make the most of your money

About the authors

Andrzej Lewandowski
Development Leader
Advocate of the DevOps culture. Passionate programmer. Believes that solving programming problems is the meaning of life. Loves identifying new technologies and “Proof of Concept” solutions.
Wojciech Tomaszewski
Technical Architect
Expert in geospatial development starting from data sourcing and database design to styling and generating maps. Thinks that visualizing data can be quite fun.
Marek Ziółkowski
Chief Solutions Officer
Alumni of the Faculty of Electronics at Wrocław University of Technology and is focused on everything that is innovative in technology, especially when it comes to cloud solutions.
Ross Krawczyk
Editor-in-Chief with a mindset focused on getting things done in the shortest possible time with the best possible quality.
Magda Jackiewicz
Editorial Expert
Writer with several years of experience in the IT sector. Driven by finding the simplest possible way of explaining complex issues.