e-Commerce for the automotive sector

Digitalizing car rentals on the German market

The result of our cooperation with CarFellows was a dedicated e-commerce platform that redefines the car rentals market in Germany. It makes the entire process stress-free, paperless and, most importantly, available on any device, anywhere.
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Włodzimierz Mazur
Senior Product Designer

Our challenge

CarFellows wanted to switch from their overly-complicated and hard-to-scale e-commerce management platform to a simple and modern administration panel that they could adjust as they please.

To tackle this challenge, we built a B2C website and a powerful car dealer platform using AdminJS, enriched with a plethora of custom modules that helped CarFellows scale their operations in Germany.

Platform architecture

CarFellows is an online system that connects the largest car dealerships in Germany with their end-clients through a single e-commerce platform.

Services provided

React frontend
Node.js backend
UX/UI design
Quality assurance

We developed a modern, digital tool for convenient rental service provision

Feature-rich, cloud-based platform that connects B2C e-commerce with a powerful dealership management solution that makes long-term rentals fast and painless.

Managing rental offers, stock
and payments on a single platform
The custom-built system provides unrestricted access to offers, stock and order management, financial support as well as dashboards with all the required data.
Stock management
Sales pipeline control
Orders manangement
Offers enrichment system
Offer publishing system
Contract generator
Financial offers
CSV import manager

Back office system
for processes supervision

To meet the goals of our client, we extended AdminJS’ functionalities to serve as a complete back office system for CarFellows stakeholders and employees.
Agreements management
System log control
Internal communicator
3rd-party CRM integration
i18n localization system
Backup safety system
Sales pipelines administration
Role-based access control
Dealerships management
SEO optimization features
Files management
API connecting with ad engines

The custom-built platform offers long-term car rental services across all device types, quickly and hassle-free

Customers use CarFellows e-commerce platform to access the largest dealerships’ offers with lower prices thanks to partnerships with dealers and a wide range of financing options and leasing rates.
Budget calculator
Flexible financing options help find the car that suits your exact budget and provide with
a detailed payments information.
Car configurator
Built-in car customization allows users to pick cars that fit their personal taste and don’t have to rely on poor pre-defined choices.
Variety of vehicles
CarFellows partners with a variety of automotive brands to provide their customers a wide range of available vehicles.
Detailed information
Each rental offer includes
a thorough description and specification, so customers know exactly what they’re about to rent.

CarFellows leased600
cars in just9months

CarFellows is powered with these technologies

Cloud Run
Atlas MongoDB
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