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The ‘RST End-of-Year Meeting’ is behind us!

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The ‘RST End-of-Year Meeting’ has become a beautiful tradition and an integral part of our organizational culture. At this special moment, we can relax and enjoy our time with each other in a festive atmosphere.

This year, we met in a magical place – on the viewing terrace of Q Hotel Bielany, with an amazing panorama of the city skyline. We hosted a record number of employees – over 140 people! During the meeting, we were also reunited with colleagues from the furthest corners of Poland who could not be with us, but joined via Google Meet nevertheless. We are so proud to see our technology community grow and how many exceptional people join RST Software each year.

As per tradition, our gathering was also joined by a very special guest, the founder of RST – Szymon Podgórski. Year after year he brings us gifts in the form of his remarkable homemade honey! This is a unique opportunity to talk about the most distant history of the RST with the person who started it all.

It is impossible to describe the bustle and excitement in a room filled with conversation and laughter. It was a joy to watch our company values blossom: engagement and cooperation. Why are these meetings so important to us, and why do we do them?

Firstly: to get to know each other and chit-chat.

It is a special time for relaxed conversation, when we can meet new people, get together in person, tell anecdotes or share our plans for Christmas and New Year's Eve. It's nice to see a room full of people talking to each other in a warm and family atmosphere.

Secondly: to summarize the year and talk about the plans for the next one!

An inherent part of this meeting is the Executive Board presentation. There is no doubt that this is a moment we all look forward to, as we can hear a summary of the key events of the past year, talk about challenges, projects and, of course, learn the plans for the coming months! Appreciating what we have achieved together gives us the power and energy to keep going. Yes, this is a time for efficiency and openness, the values that are engraved in our DNA.

Third: to have fun and have a good time!

We can sit back and soak up the live music, listen to well-known songs in memorable festive arrangements or take part in Santa's competition, complete with fantastic gifts straight from the Lapland. This year, 3 of our colleagues – Tomek, Kacper and Paweł, put together an app that got the room moving. What an excitement that was.

Fourth: to wrap up our charity event ‘Let's Do Something Good for Christmas!’

Together with the RST Santas, we prepared dream presents for children and decided to financially support the centre where our little Friends live. A year ago, we took part in a room renovation campaign, and this year we wanted to continue this tradition and additionally renovate the centre's common room.

How? By offering our unique talents to fellow RST members. A delicious loaf of bread, cross-country trips together, an incredible photo shoot, an off-road adventure, a romantic weekend in the countryside and many other options. All you had to do was contribute to the account of our friendly Procuro Foundation and claim your dream gift. Together with the Foundation, we are changing the centre for the better. Great fun turned into beautiful deeds.

Fifth: to make a wish!

Holiday season is also the time for best wishes, those for the New Year's, friends, family and work. There’s no way we could miss them.

We wish you all plenty of peace and quiet with your loved ones, plenty of rest, and we will see you in the New Year.

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