Leverage cross-platform technology to build cutting-edge mobile solutions

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We build future-proof, cross-platform mobile applications for iOS and Android, aiming to dazzle.

Get your brand in front of new audiences with engaging mobile apps

Capitalize on the potential of React Native and build applications that work on every device with native performance. Quick and cost-effective.
Our mobile development services include:
Android applications
Mobile app analytics
iOS applications
Mobile backend development
React Native applications
Product design
Cross-platform applications
Mobile architecture consulting

Maximize your business outcomes with
best-in-class React Native development services

Selecting a reliable mobile app development partner is critical to achieving superior results and ultimately – product’s success. Let our years of experience in React Native work for you.
Save time and money
With a single-technology development process, you create a multi-platform app in a shorter timeframe and get the best value for your money.
End-to-end development services
Take the weight of product development and maintenance off your shoulders. Sleep swiftly knowing our React Native experts are on top of it.
Accelerate time-to-market
Fill the market gap ahead of your competition with our idea validation and development strategies.
Ensure uncompromised security
We'll make sure all your critical data is protected with the latest, battle-tested security mechanisms.
What our clients are saying
"RST has given us a stable, modern system that grows with us. With a partner like this, we are well-equipped to keep meeting our customers’ needs and setting the bar for digital development of the TSL industry."
Bogdan Kosturek
CTO, Trans.eu
"RST has given us a stable, modern system that grows with us. With a partner like this, we are well-equipped to keep meeting our customers’ needs and setting the bar for digital development of the TSL industry."
Bogdan Kosturek
CTO, Trans.eu
"RST Software delivered both on schedule and within the budget. They provided us with an excellent product and quality project management from start to end."
Frederik Pedersen
CTO, EasyTranslate
"I am a super fan of RST and their AdminJS. When we developed and launched TRASH for Artists, it helped my company to get acquired by VSCO. I then continued to work with the RST team on a VSCO-led project."
Geneviève Patterson
CTO & Co-Founder, Trash
"No problem was too big for them to solve. We have launched the app and gathered positive reviews as well as got selected to be featured on both Google Play and App Store."
Alexander Vlassopulos
CEO & Founder, Kitche
"RST team gets involved with a project and provides insightful feedback to make the best product possible. In the first two weeks of launch, 50,000 users downloaded the app."
Tor Ivar Vage
Owner, InfoGym

Tailored cooperation models

Team augmentation
If your product delivery team needs to expand their development capacity, we can provide you with one of our tech experts.
An all-star product team
Every aspect of the development cycle is dealt with by our dedicated team: from planning to design, coding, testing, and release.
Stand-alone service
If you need an ad-hoc service, we're happy to provide it – from UX workshops to application maintenance. On demand.
How we work
Our web development process

How we work

We work closely with you and your team throughout the entire  development process. You can expect seamless integration of our business and tech expertise to deliver results and competitive-edge over your market-rivals through modern software.

Advantages we provide

Regular reporting
Scrum-oriented teams, with clear and easy-to-track goals, reviews and regular progress reports.
Budget and time management
Our project managers oversee the budget and keep delivering milestones on schedule.
Design-driven development
User interfaces that shorten development time and produce an engaging user experience.
Communication and flexibility
Direct communication allows the team to adapt to your needs, should requirements change.

Methodology at the core


In-house monitoring and budget tracking system

With full access to your Jira project, you'll always know what your team is working on, and BudgetHero will give you full transparency into how your budget is being spent.

Our development process

RST Software offers a complete mobile development and product release cycle, from idea validation to product design, development, optimization, and maintenance.

Design at heart of mobile development

To make sure that our mobile solutions meet your requirements, we focus on finding out what your users want, so we deliver them a modern, easy-to-use product. By providing continuous end-to-end support, you can focus on growing your company.
Product workshops
UX strategy
User testing
UI design
Web analytics

Our tech stack

We have strong competences in modern web and mobile technologies. With over 150 regular and senior devs, 9 tech leaders, 7 architects and access to external contractors with niche tech, we are fully equipped to cover all of your needs.

React Native mobile development services

React Native is the world’s leading framework for cross-platform mobile development. Businesses can stay competitive in the ever-chaning market by building React Native-powered mobile apps that offer native-like performance and user experience.
Native code support
Native components can be plugged into React Native to power native platform-specific features.
Rapid development process
As a result of React Native's shared codebase, you can develop products for many platforms at once.

React Native in numbers

95% of code was shared between
the iOS and Android.
iOS and web apps share as much as 98% of their codebase.
90% of the Walmart Grocery App is written in React Native.
Why you don't need a native app
Step-by-step introduction into cross-platform development for CEOs.

AWS partnership

Working with AWS, we can offer you cutting-edge cloud solutions backed by our extensive practical experience which are best for your technological challenges.
Check Cloud & DevOps services

Mobile solutions' architecture consulting

Your business goals dictate our recommendations for the best architecture for your mobile solution based on criteria such as application size, the predicted scale and complexity, as well as the time to market.
Single-page apps
Microservices-based apps
On-premise deployment
Cloud deployment
Microfrontend apps
Monolithic applications

Quality assurance

We take pride in the quality of our mobile applications. By enforcing rigorous quality control procedures, we ensure compliance with strict industry standards.
End-to-end testing
All parts of the application are tested: frontend, backend, usability, and designs.
Manual testing
It is through manual testing that we are able to catch bugs that automation will not detect.
Automated testing
Automation helps us test our applications with machine-precision and efficiency.
Unit tests
Writing unit tests adds yet another level of quality assurance.
Test coverage
It is our policy to never fall below 90% test coverage while developing a digital product.