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Our way to deal with the pandemic

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It has been six months since we found ourselves in a completely new professional and private reality due to the pandemic. From the very beginning, we felt like waiting for this difficult period to end is not enough. We had to proactively adapt to these new conditions.

But how can you adapt to the unknown?


The mandatory lockdown caught us in a situation where our corporate culture and operations were based on the values of mutual relationships and close cooperation within a shared office space. And all of a sudden, everything has changed and we needed to come up with a new formula, initially with a number of uncertainties. We didn’t know whether dev teams using GoogleMeet would be as effective as when working in the same room. We had to find out!

In order to keep the things we like most about our job, we decided–to the maximum extent possible–to mirror our daily habits and routines in the dispersed reality. Very quickly, we created a toolset for remote working, which were to help us in communicating effectively and in preserving our work habits. Nonetheless, it also very quickly turned out that home is not always the best place to work, and it sometimes complicates things. We had to address that as well and find a way to limit any inconveniences. And on top of that, there was uncertainty and concerns about the future, and we couldn’t accept that!

What did we do? To find out how we dealt and are dealing with this situation, read the RST Software Masters in the face of the pandemic article on

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