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Internal workshops – API-REST in Node.js, because sharing knowledge is embedded in our DNA!

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Last month we shared with you a summary of our internal workshops in React Native in RST. Now it is time for another portion of knowledge. This time the challenge has been taken up by Tomasz Dudziak (Technical Architect at RST), who invited his teammates to a 4-hour meeting devoted to: API Rest in Node.js – Backend / Docker / AWS.

Having participated in React workshops conducted by Mariusz and Dymitr, Tomek naturally offered to continue them in the field he is well familiar with: his idea was to design and implement a Backend API-REST application satisfying selected requirements of the previously mentioned frontend app.

RST Software - wewnętrzne warsztaty rozwój

Yet again it turned out that cooperation allows to broaden knowledge and gain expertise in a particular field, at the same time allowing us to promote and popularize a technology or a solution. Thirty people participated in the event and the workshops, in view of the fact that people from all parts of Poland work in RST, were held in hybrid form. Tomek arranged his studio in our office where he was joined live by some of the participants. Thanks to surveys we know how to make future events better, what the audience missed, and which elements they appreciated.

During the event we learned:

  • how, in a matter of just a few hours, develop a simple backend application implemented in the AWS environment;
  • how to use the queue of events and cache;
  • how to design and launch efficiency tests.

The training aimed to demonstrate:

  • how to design a backend nodejs application using a NestJS framework (a link to Paweł G’s post about NestJS), setup a container and implement it;
  • how to configure and utilize cache layers in Redis and lay out the rules for communication with a AMQP queue (RabbitMQ);
  • design and launch efficiency tests.

Listen to Gosia, Mariusz, Tomek, Paweł and Marek, who will best tell you their perspective on creating and participating in the workshops.

We support our people in their initiatives and help them materialize their ideas. We are constantly looking for space and listening to their needs, proving that by “developing” we mean “acting”. If you want to learn more about development, read the interview with Natasza Kuźniewska (HR Guide at RST). In the meantime, we are awaiting another meeting that will allow us to spread our wings, together.

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