Małgorzata Maskiewicz
Event & Communication Manager

RST Culture Book, nice to meet you!

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We are pleased to share with you the latest edition of the Nice to meet you culture book. The title speaks for itself: it's really nice to meet you! Take a peek inside it to learn about RST and get to know our tech community from the inside out. Who knows, maybe one day we will create an amazing project together, meet at a conference, or hire a friend you referred to us.

Our Culture Book covers the key elements of our DNA, which bond, and mix into a magical and truly unique structure. The book details our vision, values, organizational culture, employee development, lifestyle, and key events from our 25-year history.

Yes, we are unique, just like you! We strongly believe that uniqueness is our true strength. No other Polish software house shares such values, people, vision, technologies, projects, and history. In our Culture Book, you can read about our commitment to acquiring and expanding technological knowledge, or a jointly developed vision, illustrating our willingness to create products for people like us, who are passionate about technology.

But there is more to life than work, right? We know it full well. You’ll get to learn what we do after hours, where we meet and get our energy from. If, like us, you love technology, be sure to read about RST CodeMeetings, which for several years now has been gathering IT specialists in our Wroclaw Meethub and online events. See how we create an engaging workplace with a unique atmosphere, space for development, and cooperation.

Download our Culture Book and see what we’ve got in store for you.

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