The best-in-class modern data platform for effective analytics

You can leverage the full potential of a Snowflake-powered data platform with just SQL expertise in your analytics team

Who needs a modern data platform?

  • Businesses that want to extract unstructured data from PDF documents, including purchase orders and feedback forms, to derive meaningful insights.
  • Companies that want to create a single source of truth by consolidating scattered data into a centralized location to overcome siloed systems.
  • Businesses that want to speed up the process of building custom data warehouses that address their unique requirements.

Unlock the power of you data

Modern data platform

Want to know how to accelerate data analytics reporting by up to 200x?

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These issues likely sound too familiar

Your business is unique.
Your data challenges are not.

Generating critical reports takes hours or even days

Our solutions decrease report creation times from 14 hours to just 40 second, enabling actual data-driven decisions.

Your data is unreliable and scattered across data silos

Ingesting all kinds of data into a single data platform gives your organisation a Single Source of Truth.

Costly computing overhead with long TTV

With a self-service data platform, you data teams don’t need to waste time on constantly managing computing resources.

Complicated and outdated data analytics stack

Your can leverage the full potential of a Snowflake-powered data platform with just SQL expertise in your analytics team.

Lack of cross-cloud and cross-region data sharing

Say goodbye to ETL processes and seamlessly access and share unified data securely across your organisation.

You can’t merge 3rd-party data with you own one

Access 3rd-party data, at scale through Snowflake Marketplace, bypassing data movement or duplication.

Data strategy session

For your data to truly benefit your organization, it's crucial that your people, processes, and technology are all centered around data. While this might seem overwhelming, we're here to guide you through it.

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Undeniable benefits of modern data platform

Single, fully managed solution

Eliminate data silos by integrating and analyzing previously inaccessible data sets.

Centralize storage for all data types, and securely tap into external and third-party resources without the need for data movement – all while enjoying the convenience of automated maintenance and administration.

Near-unlimited resources

Designed exclusively for the cloud, modern data platform’s unique architecture separates compute from storage, offering elastic scalability, virtually unlimited concurrency without contention, and cost-effective resource utilization billed by the second, with transparent governance and departmental cost allocation.

Secure collaboration

Modern data platforms support essential organisational workloads by enabling seamless internal and external data collaboration with partners, suppliers, and customers. It offers secure access to governed data, tools, applications, and services while ensuring privacy.

This opens up numerous strategic opportunities for business advancement.

Generating reports in 40s instead of 14h
with modern data platform

Explore the benefits that modern data stack brings to the table and hear some of the phenomenal success stories from global businesses.

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Where should you start?

Building you own modern cloud data platform can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to
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Versatile modern data stack

Our expertise spans across a broad spectrum of open-source and public cloud technologies, enabling us to consistently build the best-in-class data platforms for our clients.