Custom GIS-
powered logistics platform

Building a cost-effective logistics platform from scratch is one of the largest logistics platforms in Europe and Asia. With more than 100,000 concurrent users in 45 countries and 300 messages sent via the platform every second, they required a stable, GIS-powered system that wouldn’t obliterate their bank account.
Our location-based services
Andrzej Lewandowski
Solutions Architect

Our challenge

Trans's custom mapping solution had to be visually and technologically integrated within their web platform and operate using precise 3rd-party geospatial data.

To address the challenge, we built a custom mapping solution powered with open-source OpenStreetMap data, visually and technologically integrated within the platform with dedicated updates mechanism to keep the data accurate at all times. platform in numbers

concurrently active
logistics companies
possible monthly cost
of 3rd-party data
operational coverage
within Europe and Asia
daily map-related
API requests

Platform architecture consists of numerous modules and applications, all powered by a set of custom GIS solutions that operate on large, industry-specific datasets.

Services provided

React frontend
Node.js backend
Telemetrics collection and processing
OpenStreetMap development
Geospatial data integration

We developed an OpenStreetMap-powered GIS solution for an enterprise-scale logistics platform

The scale at which serves its B2B users required a world-class experience, powered with a number of custom-built location-based services.

Multiple, industry-specific geospatial data layers in one tool

The custom-built system provides unrestricted access to offers, stock and order management, financial support as well as customizable dashboards with all the required data.
Custom data layers based on 3rd-party data sources with custom styling
Vector and raster map tiles generation and visualisation
Maps generation using postcodes ranges: countries, regions, streets etc.
Interactive maps with drag-n-drop routes creation, markers and tooltips

Using geodata to optimise business operations serves tens of thousands concurrent users with diverse needs and thus required a wide range of GIS tools for proper business operations.
Route creation and optimisation system
Forward and reverse geocoding in 100 languages
Automatic geofencing area generation for every destination point
Processing of both open and paid sources of geospatial data
Integration with GPS providers for in-depth telematics collection and processing

Boosting OpenStreetMap with custom tools

OpenStreetMap offers a limited set of functionalities out-of-the-box. We had to develop a number of custom tools and integrations to cover all of’s business needs.
Custom geocoding services
Each time a user types in an address or geographic coordinates, the request goes to the relevant API. Usage of 3rd party providers can amass large monthly bills if you operate at scale.
Route management
Logistics platforms often requires multiple-destinations route planning in combination with specific road limitations. Such system was build to power’s operations across Europe and Asia.
Custom geospatial data layers
Expeditors need to be able to analyse and create transportation routes based on industry-relevant data, visualised on interactive maps in a form of additional data layers and legends. is powered with these technologies

Location-based Services
React Leaflet
TileServer GL
RST has given us a stable, modern system that grows with us. With a partner like this, we are well-equipped to keep meeting our customers’ needs and setting the bar for digital development of the TSL industry.
Bogdan Kosturek