Location-based services

Custom GIS & mapping solutions  for industry leaders

Seeking advanced location-based
app development services?

Whether you are looking for geospatial services or end-to-end software development, make no mistake, we are ready to deliver.

Logistics solutions
Container logistics systems
Road transport management systems
Fuel monitoring and fuel economy applications
Fleet management applications
Spatial technology development
Assets tracking technology
Custom GIS solutions
Mapping software
Geospatial databases development
Location-based applications
Geofencing-based applications
Ride hailing applications
On-demand delivery applications
Proximity-based marketing applications
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Location-based applications

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Having difficulty choosing the most suitable mapping provider?

As an experienced 3rd-party map provider implementation partner, we offer advice tailored to your business case, forecasting your scale of operations and systems' overload.
The best open-source mapping provider for custom location-based apps
Google Maps Platform
The world’s leading map APIs provider for spatial B2C and B2B systems
Amazon Location Service
AWS-native geospatial services for AWS-based cloud-native applications

Switching map providers can drastically reduce your operations costs

We lowered operations costs for one of the Europe's largest logistics platform with over 70 000 active daily companies by developing a custom OSM solution

Make your operations more efficient
with custom mapping services

Our mapping experts and architects can help you build or integrate tools that transform your raw geospatial data into actual maps
Geospatial mapping
Leverage large datasets from multiple sources to build data modeling applications for logistics routing, agriculture soils monitoring and more
2D & 3D data visualization
Harness the power of your geolocation data to design map layers, annotations, legends, symbols and visualize it in a form of both 2D and 3D maps
Geoprocessing and geocoding
Transform unstructured sets of geodata (lists of geo-coordinates, warehouses etc.) into real-world address inputs, time zones and post codes
Interactive maps
Build tools that support advanced interactions, such as draggable routes, customizable markers and tooltips or industry-specific overlays
Decision-support systems
Create algorithms that turn raw geodata and telemetry into valuable business insights that can enhance your decision-making processes
Geospatial mapping
Feed your mapping software with external data like road limitations or fuel consumption to optimize your transportation routes
Open-source geospatial data

Planning to implement OpenStreetMap data into your digital product?

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