How to build a real-time chat application and outperform your competition

What’s inside:
comprehensive and up-to-date introduction to chat app development
4 key principles of engineering a scalable messaging backend
comparison of XMPP, Matrix and MQTT communication protocols
list of 22 world-renowned companies that use XMPP and ejabberd in their software

This ebook is for you if:

you are planning to build an app that incorporates messaging features
you want to switch from one communication protocol to another
you have issues with your messaging backend and its architecture
you are new to the world of real-time chat technologies and want an intro

About the authors

Paweł Dorofiejczyk
Software Architect
Alumni of Wrocław University of Technology, engineering manager, and Ejabberd expert with extensive experience in creating chat applications.
Marek Ziółkowski
Chief Solutions Officer
Alumni of the Faculty of Electronics at Wrocław University of Technology and is focused on everything that is innovative in technology, especially when it comes to cloud solutions.
Ross Krawczyk
Editor-in-Chief with a mindset focused on getting things done in the shortest possible time with the best possible quality.
Magda Jackiewicz
Editorial Expert
Writer with several years of experience in the IT sector. Driven by finding the simplest possible way of explaining complex issues.