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Building the ultimate fitness app

When we started working with InfoGym, we aimed to deliver an MVP packed with all the core features that would enable the company to start building their user base and then focused on implementing additional features to both trainer and trainee mobile applications.
FbStart finalist in the category ‘Best App of the Year’
Most downloaded app in Singapore and Norway
Top 10 most downloaded app in the UK and Australia
Łukasz Szramko
Delivery Leader


InfoGym was a relatively large project: 2 apps for 2 platforms with a total of 6 modules. We had to make sure we keep it structured, otherwise we’d easily get lost in the chaos.

From the 3D animations perspective, one of the biggest challenges was to sync animations of 3 various perspectives on the same exercise, so when a user changed those perspective, the animation wouldn’t restart. At the ended, we succeeded with the task, but it wasn’t a simple thing to achieve.

Platform architecture

We extracted 3 separate modules: trainee app, trainer app and a common module, which allowed us to implement updates to both apps simultaneously.

Delivered services

Native Android app development
Native iOS app
UX/UI product

We developed a set of apps for both trainees and trainers that helped improve their workout results

InfoGym is a mobile app for active gym-goers and personal trainers, designed to teach proper and safe exercising techniques using detailed 3D  animations.

Over 700 exercises ensure correct and safe training

A wide range of workout routines created to help users reach their gym goals as well as in-depth statistics help gym-goers track their progress.
Complete trainer solution:
Appointments management
Full access to exercises database
In-depth clients statistics
Custom routines creation tool
Built-in chat with trainees

Including such features as:

Appointments management
In-depth clients statistics
Built-in chat with trainees
Full access to exercises database
Custom routines creation tool

Schedule PT sessions and track trainees workout progress

InfoGym app for professional personal trainers provided all the features they needed to successfully manage their clients, define rouites and monitor their development.
Appointments management
Full access to exercises database
In-depth clients statistics
Custom routines creation tool
Built-in chat with trainees
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The technology stack

When we worked on mobile apps for InfoGym’s MVP, there were multiple occasions when RST’s Project Manager, that was coordinating our project, would call us and ask if we really need that feature in the MVP, were we sure etc. We ended up listening to them and removing those features was indeed a great decision. Otherwise, we’d still be developing the MVP. *laughs* And that’s what we liked a lot. They didn’t try to sell us as many hours as they possibly could, they cared about our product.
Tor Ivar Våge
Founder, InfoGym