Mobility as a Service app development

Launch your mobility-as-a-service startup in 90 days. Develop your MaaS super app for car sharing, ride sharing, micromobility or car rental.

All the building blocks your mobility app needs

Mapbox is a powerful tool for building location-based applications
and services that provide users with customized maps, real-time information and personalized recommendations.
Remote ID verification
3rd-party map
providers integration
Real-time vehicle data
Keyless vehicle access
In-app payments
Pricing engine
Real-time assets tracking
Vouchers and discounts
Reports and analytics
Real-time navigation
Fleet management dashboard
Remote vehicle maintenance
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What vehicles do you plan to operate?

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What’s your business model of choice?

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What are the core features of your product?

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Essential components for every mobility super app

Launch your mobility-as-a-service startup in 90 days.
Develop your MaaS super app for car sharing, ride sharing, micromobility
or car rental.
For apps like

Mobile apps for riders

Revolutionize the way people navigate and access transportation services by delivering user-friendly and
feature-rich mobile apps.
  • in-app payments, including local payment methods like Alipay, iDEAL or e-wallets
  • one-tap ride booking and ride scheduling
  • business accounts and company invoicing
  • multi-vehicle keyless access
  • multi-location and multi-language operations
  • real-time tracking, and more!
For apps like

Mobile apps for operations teams

Streamline internal processes, enable efficient task management, real-time communication, and seamless coordination between field and back-office departments.
  • low-battery vehicles notification and pickup
    route navigation
  • smart vehicle distribution engine for revenue maximization
  • remote vehicle health issues reporting
  • bulk vehicle status edit, and more!
For apps like

Mobile apps for drivers

Transform how ride-hailing drivers manage their work, maximize their earnings, and provide excellent service to passengers.
  • accurate navigation thanks to Google Maps, Mapbox, and HERE integrations
  • clutter- and distraction-free UIs for enhanced safety
  • road emergency mechanisms
  • one-tap access to most critical features mid-ride
  • remote ID verification process
  • real-time tracking, and more!

Dashboards for back-office and admin teams

Manage your fleet, users, company operations and critical admin settings within a single, role-based access controlled platform.
  • real-time fleet tracking
  • fleet health and maintenance dashboard
  • heat-maps and complex algorithms for demand forecasting
  • ride bookings and schedules
  • multi-location operations management
  • bulk fleet management panel
  • support for multiple types of vehicles: bikes, scotters, cars etc.
  • B2B partnerships panel: invoicing, reporting, dedicated fleet control
  • financial modules and fraud detection mechanisms
  • role-based access controll (RBAC), and more!

Our competitive advantages

We help mobility companies solve complex transportation problems and improve people's everyday lives.
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    Lean Startup Process

    By utilizing a build-measure-learn methodology, we'll help you prioritize your business goals and develop a product growth strategy. Based on your product's maturity, one of three phases is recommended: PoC, MVP, scaling.
  • 02

    Interdisciplinarity 3.0

    The product teams we assemble consist of the top tech talent with cross-functional and cross-domain expertise, backed by a strategic expert ecosystem and advisory chapters.
  • 03

    You always get more than expected

    Working with RST Software isn't just about having a dedicated development team. Your product team will always be supported by our Cloud & DevOps experts, technical architects, and experts in location-based services.
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    Radical transparency

    Your in-house team will learn throughout our cooperation, so they can take over developing your product, should you decide to proceed without us. Continuous knowledge transfer guarantees that the final product will not undergo unnecessary stages of documentation and knowledge transfer.

Customer stories

Explore the firsthand experiences and success stories of our valued customers who have benefited from our exceptional services, offering valuable insights and inspiration for your own journey.


Cross-platform mobility platform from Singapore.


Taxi and airport transport platform.

Not sure how to start?

You can outperform your competitors and reduce Time To Market (TTM) with our high-quality MVP development services.
Step 1

Product workshop

1 -2 Days
Gain invaluable product insights by engaging with our tech experts, enhance your product vision and predict upcoming MVP development challenges.
Step 3

UX/UI design

7 - 14 Days
From idea testing to development-ready: prepare UI design and detailed product specifications for seamless implementation.
Step 2


4 -7 DAYS
Validate your product's potential with clickable wireframes and ready-to-test prototypes: swift and cost-effective verification, guaranteed within days.

MVP development

2 - 4 Months
We kick-off the development of backend, frontend, and essential cloud infrastructure while concurrently assigning a dedicated QA specialist from RST Software to ensure the delivery of high-quality, end-user-ready software.
Step 1

Product workshop

1 -2 Days
Confront your ideas with our tech experts and get the feedback you need to deeply understand your product's vision and upcoming MVP development challenges.
Step 2


4 -7 DAYS
Verify your product’s potential through clickable wireframes and ready-to-test prototypes. Our internal processes ensure affordable and quick validation within days, not months.
Step 3

UX/UI design

7 - 14 Days
Having completed the idea testing phase, we can prepare the user interface design and detailed product specifications for developers.

MVP development

2 - 6 Months
Launch the development of the backend, frontend and all the required cloud infrastructure.

Simultaneously, RST Software deploys a dedicated QA specialist to make sure dev teams deliver top-notch end-user-ready software.

Launch-day support
and further iterations

Following a successful MVP release, we prioritise an ongoing maintenance and the development of the next product version.
Our team schedules a meeting with you and your team to plan the next iteration cycle, ensuring continuous improvement and alignment with your evolving business goals.

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