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Building successful digital products is a complex process that involves applying cutting edge technologies and design practices that maximize the usability of your software.
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Grow your business fast with React JS development services

React JS is perfect for developing engaging and dazzling UIs that maximize the user experience, helping companies create products that stand the test of time.
Expand your customer base
With ReactJS development, businesses can easily add new features and functionalities to their tools, capitalizing on the variety of different engagement models. Thanks to its stability, React.js is perfect for building scalable, lag-free solutions that can be expanded easily as your business grows.
Cut development costs
A vast open-source ecosystem provides access to tools and libraries that can save you weeks if not months that you would otherwise waste on building all of the functionalities from scratch. ReactJS helps you save money on app development by allowing you to reuse UI components and test your app while it’s still being built.
Deliver your products faster
The modularity of React allows for shorter release cycles and enables you both quickly bootstrap an MVP as well as build large-scale apps in the likes of Facebook, Netflix or Dropbox. Additionally, both the server and client sides of the software can be coded in JavaScript.
Assemble your team with ease
Considering ReactJS is a single most popular web framework among vetted professionals, you have access to a huge talent pool, which means you’ll be able to build and sustain your dedicated team with ease, while minimizing product development risks. Developers can be hired quickly.

Supercharge your web app development process

RST Software has been providing React development services for over 20 years, helping clients all over the world to benefit from the advantages of this technology.
Excellent scalability
As ReactJS supports reusability of components and modules, developers can focus on building impeccable user experience rather than writing the code, making ReactJS the perfect framework for building scalable applications.
Stability and reliability
The best ReactJS development companies focus on ensuring their technology is backward compatible, so you won’t have to worry about having to rewrite your apps after new versions are introduced.
Thanks to the availability and diversity of tooling and libraries that are appropriate for different use cases, it's possible to use React to build software from small websites, through medium-size apps, to large enterprise-scale systems.
React supports server-side rendering using Node.js as well as cross-platform mobile app developing with React Native, which offers you an ability to developer an application available on all kinds of devices: smartphones, smart TVs etc.
Since ReactJS applications run on a server and the virtual DOM is rendering and returning to the browser as a regular web page, React is perfectly equipped for building SEO-optimized websites and web applications.
Ease of maintenance and support
Thanks to the modular design of React JS, making changes to your solution will be neither complicated, nor time-consuming. The library also boasts an extensive support community, so any React development company will be able to solicit expert advice when required.

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Why Poland is one of the best places to hire dedicated React developers

A major boon of the IT industry is that it's borderless. You're not geographically bound in your search for the best specialists. Poland, as you may, or perhaps may not know, is a country with a high quality developer workforce.

The country's tech sector is already strong and growing, supported by the university system producing well-educated graduates in the STEM fields. According to DDI development, Poland boasts 60,000 tech companies and 10 unicorns.

If you decide to hire React developers in Poland, you can expect an extensive skill set and attention to detail supported by a strong work ethic. Importantly, the local software devs have an excellent command of English, which is no less important of a skill when it comes to working as a part of an international team. Many global tech companies already employ Polish IT specialists too.

Overall, Poland has a very strong tech talent pool and a growing tech industry, lending its services to the global market.

At the company level, we pay particular attention to keeping software developers happy at RST by assigning them HR Guides, who take great care to provide career development support at every stage of the devs� tenure.

Why is it so hard to hire React developers?

React is a highly competitive technology that offers a number of business advantages.

Thr framework delivers lightning speed for the apps and websites developed via the DOM (Document Object Model), saves time by employing reusable components, improves SEO thanks to server-site rendering, and attracts a huge community of developers who have created many supplementary tools, IDEs, component libraries, and extensions for code editors.

And it's worth pointing out that there are a couple of general critical issues involved in adding new people to your roster.

  1. Hiring new talent costs money.
  2. You may experience a drop in productivity over the period of personnel change.
  3. You'll have to devote resources to training the newcomers.
  4. The new team members may not be at full working capacity at the end of the recruitment process yet. In fact, as per the data published in Training Industry Quarterly, it may take even up to a year or two for the employee to reach full productivity. Thus, bringing a new specialist on board is a major time and money investment.
  5. There's always going to be a period of uncertainty regarding the performance on both the employee and employer's end. The fact you may expect a relatively instant ROI compounds the problem.


All in all, if you want to hire React app developers, you need to realize it will most likely take longer and cost more in a number of ways than you think. Now, how do you trim some of these expenses?

Which companies use React JS in their projects?

Since React JS was created in 2015, it is still a relatively new framework, but many software development companies have already added it to their tech stack and used it to create world-class products. Some of the web apps built with React JS include:

  • Facebook
  • Netflix
  • Instagram
  • Reddit
  • New York Times
  • Yahoo! Mail
  • Codecademy
  • Dropbox
  • WhatsApp

Where to find best React developers?

Next up on the agenda of a CTO trying to hire React developers is the issue of where to actually look for them.

The most obvious go-to place for this kind of task will be a job board. If you're looking to expand your in-house talent pool, you can create a job posting on a selected or multiple sites connecting jobseekers and employers and wait for the resumes to flow in. Once they do, the following stages of your hiring funnel kick in, and you continue the candidate screening process to hire the best React developer you can find.

An alternative approach may be for you to try to hire remote React developers via a selection of freelancing platforms such as Toptal, for example. This may be a quick and temporary fix, if that's what you're after, but there are some risks involved.

These platforms, while presenting an appealing business model, are somewhat faceless and thus may turn out not as reliable. Which may become a huge issue if you're dealing with delivery deadlines.

On top of that, the offered rates may seem competitive, and you may be tempted to conserve your budget this way, but what about the quality of the work delivered? That's another issue that may occur and raise your React developer hiring cost in the end.

Well, what about recruitment agencies? These have been growing in popularity, especially in the digital / IT sector. Essentially, what happens is you delegate the bulk of recruitment work to the agency, and they make sure to preselect the best candidates for you so that you can hire React app developers that best meet your expectations. But this loops us back to dealing with in-house hiring.

And last but not least, React staff augmentation services - the process of hiring external contractors on a temporary basis to supplement an existing team. This approach is particularly useful when scaling a development team as it allows for the quick and efficient addition of skilled personnel without the long-term commitment and costs associated with hiring full-time employees.

Additionally, IT staff augmentation provides flexibility in terms of the number of resources required and the length of time they are needed, which can be adjusted according to project requirements. By leveraging the expertise of external professionals, companies can achieve a higher level of productivity and quality in their development projects, leading to faster delivery times, better products, and ultimately, increased revenue.

What is React JS?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library designed to simplify and accelerate the frontend web application development process. The technology was created by Facebook's (now Meta) Jordan Walke back in 2015, but many programmers already consider React JS as their primary technology of choice. The fact that React.JS is backed by Meta contributes to the constant growth of React JS community of developers.

ReactJS is a lightweight library for UI development with shortcut paths and reusable components. It is primarily used for building user interfaces for single-page apps, but is also widely used for creating dynamic web pages, PWAs, social media apps and more.

What can you build with React JS development services?

React.JS development is a great choice for high-performing web applications and hybrid mobile app development. The view layer in the MVC of a React JS application is handled by the frontend library, which means that the framework can manage the view layer of all frontend web applications and mobile apps.


ReactJS development is a great choice for companies looking to launch an MVP. ReactJS developers can deliver code fast, building end-to-end solutions in short time-to-market timeframes.

Cross-platform apps

Make your app available on any device! React is a cross-platform technology, which means that your web app can run in any browser, on a smart TV, or as a Progressive Web App on mobile devices, delivering superb customer experience anywhere your user wants to interact with your product.

Enterprise-grade apps

Global brands across various industries have already leveraged the power of React software development services to deliver world-class web and mobile products. The most famous companies that use the framework include Meta, Netflix, Uber, Airbnb, and The New York Times.

How to hire React developers more efficiently?

The average time to recruit an in-house developer is about 40 days. That's nearly six weeks! Not to mention effort and expenses.

So, what can be done to make the hiring process smoother and more cost-effective? How can you mitigate the involved risks?

First, define your current needs. Specify in as many details as makes sense what and who it is that you're looking for. Figure out the (near) ideal candidate's profile.

Second, create a hiring funnel. Establish metrics and process stages that will help you hire the best React developers in a measurable and efficient manner.

How RST Software can help you with React development

RST Software has been in the market for over two decades, with many completed projects under its belt. One of our current offerings is staff augmentation services which, in short, allows you to add additional resources or personnel to an already existing team for the purpose of boosting its capabilities.

The advantages of hiring React developers with RST Software are:

  • Experienced React developers with proven track record
  • No major recruitment hassle 
  • Devs work for you only when you need them
  • Efficient budget allocation
  • Overall great ROI

Basically, you can hire React developers for short- and long-term projects without any additional trouble. You're paying only for the actual work being done, don't spend on hiring and don't have to make any lasting commitments.

RST's staff augmentation helps you scale up instantly and deliver projects that may have a short deadline. We've already gone through the difficult screening and hiring process for you and our React devs are ready to go.

How much do ReactJS development services cost?

The cost of ReactJS development will depend on the nature and functionalities of the solution you're building, so it's impossible to provide the exact numbers. The overall costs will be impacted by the number and complexity of the features. If you are developing the solution from scratch, the overall cost of hiring a ReactJS development team will be higher than if you expand an existing system.

Overall, cross-platform app development tends to incur lower costs than native app development. Consult your exact requirements with an experienced ReactJS development company to better understand the costs of your project before delving into the implementation.