Build alluring products that keep users coming back for more.

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Achieve unmatched value by validating and fine-tuning your product’s vision. Before writing a single line of code.

Verify your product’s potential through clickable wireframes and ready-to-test prototypes. Our internal processes ensure affordable and quick validation within days, not months.
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Iga Rogała
UX Lead

Exceed expectations

Involve users in the product design process early on to ensure that it meets their needs. By doing so right from the start, we mitigate many of the product development risks. Working together, we can deploy tools people genuinely desire and enjoy using. Day by day.

Additionally, we aim to reduce feasibility risk by making sure software engineers can develop your product as fast, well, and efficiently as your market requires.

Cover the entire UX/UI lifecycle, from product discovery to release

Develop elegant, intuitive, and engaging products with our end-to-end UX/UI services: from UX research, to product workshops, mock-ups and prototyping, UI design and coordinated product delivery.
Product Workshops
Product vision workshops
Scoping sessions

Design sprints

Co-creation workshops

Ideation workshops
UI Design
UX wireframes and mock-ups
UI design
Design systems
UX Research
UX audits
User testing
User interviews

Desk research

Competition analysis
UX/UI Designer as a member
of a dev team
Wojtek Rusnak
Senior UX Designer

Make your product stand out

Approximately 25% of users abandon an app after just one launch, according to Localytics' study. Typically, such behavior occurs when users aren't introduced to the true value of a new app fast enough after opening it.

By simply utilising a gamma of UX/UI design principles and analysing your users' unspoken expectations, you can deliver them a tailored product that they will want to use on a regular basis.

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Recognizing business and users’ needs
As we get to know you and your business, the first phase of product design is all about collecting business needs, goals, and knowledge.
Product vision workshop
As we gain a better understanding of your vision and goals, we can further investigate the users, their needs and pain points.
Competition analysis
Desk research (trends, reports etc.)
User testing
Contextual interviews about user needs
and pain points


Ideation and project scope
It is not only about creating alluring products, but those that people want to use. Once we have grasped the business' and users' needs, we can verify the project's feasibility.
Scoping session


Lean idea validation
As the third phase of the product design process, we create clickable wireframes, which can be tested with real users to see if they like it and if they understand how to use it.
The wireframes are usually accompanied by a custom-crafted landing page that you can use for gathering product feedback and conducting experiments.
Wireframes / UX mock-ups of your product
Wireframes / UX mock-ups / production-ready landing page
User testing / user interviews
Other necessary idea validation methods (surveys, mailing designs, etc.)


User interface design
Having completed the product testing phase, we can prepare the user interface design and detailed product specifications for developers.
UI design


Bringing your product to market
Our designers work closely with developers to design user flows, UIs and mock-ups and make sure everything functions as planned. We place great emphasis on delivering an exceptional user experience that surpasses the needs of the users while helping you achieve your goals.

Using best-in-class tools

With Figma under our belts, we're also equipped to handle Sketch, Adobe XD, and Axure RP projects.
Adobe XD