Comprehensive development services for innovative companies and startups

Our mission is to create apps
that work instantly, are intuitive and delightful
“They’re responsive to our needs and requests, solving problems quickly.”
David Stefan
Head of Engineering, City Pantry
United Kingdom
“RST Software delivered top quality and were always available to answer our questions.”
Reinhard Dünser
CEO, Syz AG Informatik
“Everyone was on the same team, just like having them as our own employees.”
Tor Ivar Vage
CEO, InfoGym
What can you expect from
working with us?
Predictable delivery
within your budget
We won't drain your wallet, project managers and team will oversee the budget and keep development on schedule.
Regular reporting,
no surprises
Scrum-oriented teams, with clear and easy-to-track goals, demos and PM reports.
Fast delivery
with design-driven development
We provide interfaces that save time during the development, along with a design process that creates a user-friendly experience.
Transparent communication
and flexibility
Contact the team directly on a daily basis. A dedicated Agile PM is always available to discuss your questions or change-requests.
Over the past several years,
We've created numerous
web platforms, mobile applications
complex digital products
Fighting food waste and promoting savings with
a bespoke app
We developed a mobile app for Kitche that helps reduce food waste and its ecological imprint on our planet while helping households generate savings.
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Digitalizing car rentals
on the German market
We built a dedicated e-commerce platform for CarFellows that redefines the car rentals market in Germany by making the process stress-free, paperless and available on any device, anywhere.
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Video editing made easy
We powered the content creation component of the Trash platform. A customized AdminJS panel help them build a successful business.
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Digitally transforming
translation services
We helped EasyTranslate develop a multi-platform digital solution that offers businesses a brand new way of reaching language professionals across the globe.
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Streamlining interior design workflows with a dedicated tool
RST Software worked with SkyHome to build an online space dedicated to interior designers that covers all of their project needs – all in one place.
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We are creators of the world’s leading
open-source products
No. 1 open-source admin panel
for Node.js applications
weekly AdminJS
Industry expertise
from our team

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