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Scale up your team and fill talent gaps in no time with our experienced software development professionals.
Hire top tech talent

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With our short-term and long-term staff augmentation services, you can get additional dev resources without the hassle and cost of hiring, onboarding and training new employees.

Hire top tech talent

Quicky expand your core development team with our commercially-experienced software engineers, architects, DevOps, designers and testers.
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Boost your dev capacities with our team augmentation services

Access the most talented Polish developers to expand your team and deliver projects. Quickly find the personnel you need, and deliver superior results with our staff augmentation service.

Web developers

Enhance your core dev team’s ability to build cutting-edge web applications by utilizing remote technical expertise.

Mobile developers

Expand your team with highly skilled mobile technology professionals and deliver top-notch user experience to your clients.

Product designers

Augment your team with world-class UX/UI designers and illustrators to create beautiful products that people enjoy using.

Solution architects

Add a technical leader responsible for designing and implementing a tech solution that meets customer needs and business objectives.

DevOps engineers

Highly experienced DevOps practitioners can help you build robust products, ensure proper scalability, and enhanced security.

Quality assurance engineers

Ensure the excellence of your product by extending your in-house team with expert QA testers to identify and eliminate any defects.

Focus on growth while we fill your talent gaps

Let an experienced staff augmentation company to handle the heavy lifting while you focus on your core business.

Deliver projects on-time

It takes on average 40 days to hire an additional in-house software engineer. With extra team members available at hand, you are able to complete projects on-time with more experienced resources at your disposal.

Maintain ownership of your CODE

Staff augmentation services provide an additional layer of control over your project, allowing you to maintain full ownership and ensure that your intellectual property is protected.

Increase flexibility and scalability

Staff augmentation is an efficient way to quickly adjust the size of teams without long-term contracts. It allows you to scale based on changes in workload, and provides access to specialized resources and skills when needed, ensuring the right resources are in place for current and future projects.

Improve collaboration

Bring fresh perspectives and ideas to your team, which can foster collaboration and innovation and improve the overall quality of your project through dedicated team augmentation services.

Access wide resource pool

Tap into a larger and more diverse talent pool of experienced software engineers who may not be available in your area, or who may not be interested in a full-time position, allowing you to find the perfect candidate for team expansion.

Cut HIRING costs

Bring in specialized skills as required, without the costs associated with hiring, training, and onboarding new employees. Research shows that it can take up to 8 months for newly hired in-house team members to reach their full productivity.

Our devs create sophisticated web and mobile solutions


Cross-platform mobility
app for Indonesian market

Our React Native team crafted a set of cross-platform apps with precise GPS tracking, a number of integrated payment methods and an effortless onboarding. Bussr aimed to help Indonesian citizens to easily overcome the difficulties of transportation and make their commutes smoother.

Bespoke food waste reduction app

RST development team helps Kitche develop a React Native mobile app that enables British households to reduce food waste and save money. The app features a precise OCR algorithm and integrates with a third-party food ontology and recipe search engine.

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By partnering with us, you can quickly scale your team to meet the demands of your project, access a pool of top talent without the time and cost of recruiting and flexibly adjust the size of your team as needed.
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Who can benefit from IT staff augmentation services?

Staff augmentation services are an ideal solution for businesses looking to expand their teams rapidly and flexibly. This model enables companies of all sizes to take on additional talent for a brief period, without the need for permanent employment contracts. It�s a convenient and efficient way to address an increase in workload or mitigate staff shortages.

Staff augmentation services can be beneficial in a variety of scenarios, especially when they look to fill the following gaps:

  • lack of in-house talent: businesses are continuously finding it difficult to identify and recruit developers with skills required for a successful project delivery. Staff augmentation facilitates access to a global network of professionals with skills in diverse technologies;
  • lack of specialized skills: For those companies who require specialized expertise, staff augmentation services can be an ideal solution. This makes it easier to find talented professionals with specific programming language or domain-specific knowledge;
  • temporary employees: Staff augmentation is a great way to bring in new developers or testers on a fixed-term basis (either short or long term). It allows businesses to scale their staffing requirements flexibly, as needed;
  • cutting costs: Staff augmentation can provide significant savings when it comes to recruitment, payroll, project management, and implementation expenses.

What is staff augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a service that involves adding additional resources or personnel to an existing team in order to increase capacity or capabilities. This can be done through the use of external contractors or employees who are brought in temporarily to work on a specific project or to support the team on an ongoing basis. The goal of team augmentation is to provide additional support and expertise to the team in order to help them achieve their objectives more efficiently and effectively. This service is often used when a company lacks the internal resources or expertise to tackle a particular project or when it needs to scale up its operations quickly.

How is staff augmentation different from IT outsourcing?

IT staff augmentation and IT outsourcing are both approaches that organizations use to access additional resources or expertise when they need it. However, there are some key differences between the two.

One main difference is the scope of the work that is being performed. In team expansion services, the focus is on adding specific skills or expertise to an existing team in order to supplement their capabilities. The augmented team is still responsible for managing the project and making decisions about how the work is performed. In IT outsourcing, on the other hand, the entire project or a significant part of it is outsourced to an external vendor. The vendor is responsible for managing the project and delivering the required outcomes.

Another difference is the level of control that the organization has over the work being performed. In team augmentation, the organization maintains control over the project and the augmented team works closely with the internal team to ensure that the project stays on track. In IT outsourcing, the vendor has more control over the project and the organization may have less visibility into the details of how the work is being performed.

Finally, staff augmentation and IT outsourcing can differ in terms of the duration of the engagement. Team augmentation is often a shorter-term arrangement, with the augmented team working on the project for a specific period of time before returning to their other duties. IT outsourcing can be a longer-term arrangement, with the vendor providing ongoing support and maintenance for the project.