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The 7th RST Świdnica Half Marathon: ready to run? Go!

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The 7th RST Świdnica Half Marathon was held on Saturday, November 5. The route ran through Świdnica and the town’s surrounding areas. We have been the titular sponsor of the event from the very beginning, and proudly support this sporting initiative.

The RST Świdnica Half Marathon is a huge event – bringing together thousands of running enthusiasts annually, it's one of Poland's most significant running events. The route that runs through the city and its surroundings adds to its unique character – it takes runners through the beautiful nooks and crannies of Świdnica, where RST was born. This year, the event gathered over 1,200 applications, of which over 1,000 people took part in the 21 km half-marathon, and over 200 people took the 5 km run, known as the Wild Five (Dzika Piątka). The RST Half Marathon also holds a run for children called “Too young to run a Marathon” (Zanim dorosnę do maratonu). There were families, friends, and acquaintances cheering for their loved ones.

Of course, the RST Team could not miss such an important event! Twenty people from RST took up the challenge. The team gathered at the RST-branded tent packed full of treats, snacks, hot tea – and cheering fans. This is where we cheered our participants with warm tea and other delicacies from the RST Meethub.

It was one of the unique moments when we could experience our sports emotions together. A sound mind in a sound body, as they say. The run is just the icing on the cake for our participants' year-round preparations. Like every year before, we had the honor to present awards to the best runners in the IT category who finished the race with great times.

This year, for the first time in the open classification, a Pole reached the highest step of the podium, breaking the domination of Kenyans and Ukrainians.

Huge congratulations go to all runners and fans. See you in the next, 8th RST Świdnica Half Marathon in 2023! We will be there for sure.

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