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New employee onboarding process – effective implementation in any work model

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When our internal recruitment team, Hire Squad, completes its task, the House of HR team, responsible for, among others, onboarding a new employee, i.e. introducing new people, comes into operation. Before focusing on professional development, measuring satisfaction or salary negotiations, the priority is given to the best possible adaptation of new people within their team.

New employee onboarding is first and foremost a time to get to know each other and get acquainted with the company, its rules, and procedures. We want to use this time most effectively, minimising stress and worry. Everyone goes through the process of change differently and has a rhythm of adaptation, which is why we are open and attentive to the other person's needs.

What helps us onboard new employees effectively?

Experience, a careful plan, and a reliable approach to the matter. Confluence Hello World and our Culture Book: “Nice to Meet You” are specially designed online spaces that support us in the process. The materials we developed together with the RST Team allow us to go through the first moments in the company step-by-step. Before we focus on the technical aspects of work, we talk about organisational culture, our preferences, and our ways of working. This is when we learn about the history and philosophy of RST.

In-house or remote onboarding?

Today's models of work are very flexible. Regardless of whether the new person will work remotely, in hybrid form or from one of our offices in Wrocław or Świdnica, we have one onboarding standard for everyone. Increasingly, onboarding is done remotely, as is the recruitment process. Therefore, the key element for us is the first contact and the information provided. We adapt them to the style of work and the stage of implementation

What distinguishes our employee onboarding process?

  • The information we pass on is personalised to every new employee – whether it will be an office in Wrocław, Świdnica, or their own home. We inform you how to reach our offices, what they look like, and what amenities they offer (parking, Meethub, showers, playroom, meeting rooms).
  • From the very beginning, we openly discuss the principles and values we follow. This allows us to create our workspace together.
  • They help establish relationships with other employees – we prepare an internal memo that introduces the new person. It includes a photo, short description or role and experience and interests. Thanks to this, our internal tech and lifestyle communities can develop and grow.
  • They provide a simple and concise description of the necessary documents and formalities that await newcomers. This process has been simplified as much as possible.

First day at work – stress-free employee onboarding process

The most important thing for us is to ensure comfort and peace of mind during employee onboarding. Therefore, we carefully prepare a full set of information for new people:

  • Key materials to familiarise yourself with and complete in the first place.
  • The tools we use daily and their use.
  • Description of useful spaces with the most important information.
  • Schedule onboarding meetings.
  • Description of different models of work.

We create this information based on interviews and surveys with new people. Thanks to this, we are constantly improving our onboarding process to best adapt it to the needs of new people. We learn what information is important and what is described as not enough or too much.

RST Team welcome package

On the greeting, we have something special for everyone. Introducing our special welcome package, consisting of eco-friendly gadgets useful in everyday life: a t-shirt, a backpack featuring our values that can carry a heavy load on your back, colorful and unique RST Team socks, and a card with seeds for planting. We are confident that this set of eco-friendly gadgets will be a pleasant surprise for each new person!

When does onboarding a new employee end?

For us, it lasts as long as it takes to become independent in the tasks of a new person. Before we summarize the trial period and give each other feedback, the HR Guide meets with new people much earlier to keep an eye on the implementation process. Thanks to this, we can react quickly and help. New employee onboarding is a special area for us that we constantly analyze and improve. We attach great importance to it because we realize how important it is for the success of new people and the entire organization.

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