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CEO Corner

Spatial computing: the yet-uncharted territory of digital innovation

Explore the transformative power of spatial computing as it redefines the boundaries of digital innovation. Learn its key concepts, use cases, benefits, and challenges.
CEO Corner

Understanding iPhone vs Android users: key differences + comparison table

Explore differences between iPhone and Android users, from demographics to purchasing behavior. Gain insights into market share and mobile app development strategies.
CEO Corner

Go-to-market strategy (GTM) for startups and SaaS products explained

Unlock the secrets to a successful go-to-market strategy for startups and SaaS products. Learn the core elements, benefits, and how to build a robust GTM strategy.
CTO Corner

Micro frontend architecture 101: what is it, when to use it and how to migrate your existing monolithic app in 9 steps

A well executed micro frontend migration strategy can help you modernize your monolith without the need to build an entirely new app at once.
CEO Corner

The SaaS product launch playbook: from pre-launch to post-launch

Learn how to launch a SaaS product, from pre-launch planning, launch strategies and post-launch evaluation. Define your target market, set KPIs, and optimize for success.
CEO Corner

SaaS compliance simplified: a must-read guide for every SaaS founder

Being able to comply with regulations like CCPA, HIPAA, GDPR, IFRS, and more, is essential to the success of an international SaaS startup.
CEO Corner

When should startups raise Series A funding?

Explore key milestones in Series A funding for startups. Learn the differences between Seed, Series A, and B, and when to raise Series A.
CEO Corner

SaaS churn rate explained: a quick guide on reducing your product churn

Understand SaaS churn rate, its calculation, causes, and strategies to reduce product churn to sustain growth in the competitive SaaS landscape.
CEO Corner

Pitch deck design 101: how to go from “good” to “great” and impress investors

Learn how to design a pitch deck that captivates investors and propels your startup towards success, as well as common mistakes, and examples of great pitch decks.
CEO Corner

Product-led growth 101: the key to sustainable success in SaaS

Learn how product-led growth (PLG) makes SaaS companies more profitable by fostering customer acquisition, retention, and organic growth.

How EV charging standards impact car manufacturers and software providers both in the US and Europe

Explore the world of EV charging standards in the US and Europe. From regulations to technology, this guide covers everything you need to know about powering EVs.
CTO Corner

Understanding the impact of 5G vs 6G on mobile app development

Understand the evolution, real-world implementation, and future prospects of 5G and 6G, and how developers can harness these advancements in mobile app development.