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Ross Krawczyk
Staff Augmentation

‍A complete guide for CTOs on how to hire React Native developers

If you're about to look for React Native developers, find out how you can generate savings in time and money. Our RN developers are highly qualified and available.
Media Streaming

Step-by-step guide on how to create a streaming app like Twitch

Learn how to create a Twitch-like livestreaming platform, what features you should include, our suggested tech stack and how much it can cost in our comprehensive guide.
Chat Apps

22 companies using XMPP and ejabberd to build instant messaging services

Building an app that can handle even the fragment of a scale at which the top chat apps like WhatsApp operate requires a well-thought-out messaging infrastructure.

Supercharge your logistics operations with custom web mapping solutions based on OSM

When you can't find a GIS software that fits your needs, you turn to developing your custom web mapping tools. Here's how to do that using OpenStreetMap.
CEO Corner

React Native vs Native? Which is better for your startup

Both React Native and native technologies have their pros and cons. Very often it makes more sense to pick React Native. The question is — when exactly?

Optimizing logistics operations cost with hybrid cloud architecture: RST x x PTV Group case study

RST Software partnered with PTV Group to develop an innovative hybrid cloud architecture that optimizes computing resources usage and operational costs for