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Building the future of hybrid work with a workplace management software

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The pandemic changed the world as we know it. As businesses were forced to go fully remote, industries that don’t rely on being present on-site are unlikely ever going back to the pre-pandemic work culture. Staying fully remote, on the other hand, is not something business will agree to either. According to AT&T’s recent study, as many as over 80% of companies will switch to hybrid work as their default option by 2024, with companies creating their own hybrid models to fit their company culture.

Naturally, if you want to adapt to the future of hybrid work, you should consider using a workspace management tool. Speaking of which…

What is workplace management?

Workplace management is, essentially, a facility management that focuses on the physical environment and consists of various branches like space management, supplies management, remote equipment management, employee onboarding etc. To effectively perform all the above tasks, it is wise to opt-in for using a dedicated tool.

Developing a facilities' management software

Meet Clara – the future of hybrid work powered by technology. We partnered with the Clara team in February 2022 to create an all-in-one workplace management tool that helps administration workers to coordinate all the office management tasks from a single web app.

The idea was simple: to build a centralized platform with a curated marketplace for everything a hybrid team needs: cleaning services, coffee beans delivery, remote perks, you name it.

Step 1: Create a beautiful and efficient user experience

Instead of designing yet-another marketplace, we sat down with the Clara team and drew up a user flow that fits perfectly with how office managers operate. On a mission to make their daily work streamlined, we provided an ability to not only manage multiple offices AND remote workers, but do it within a single order, while also planning delivery times and frequencies.

At the same time, a built-in back-office dashboard gives office managers full control over their locations and remote employees with a detailed overview of orders history, subscription management panel, invoices and more.

Step 2: Develop a modern web platform using modern tech stack

Once our UX/UI team created Clara’s marvellous design, our dev team embarked on the journey of their own – to make designs come to life. As here at RST we hire top software developers with a wide technical expertise, and thus we were able to quickly assemble a dev team to deliver Clara a world-class digital product.

Step 3: Use AdminJS to speed up your MVP development

AdminJS is the world’s leading auto-generated admin panel for Node.js applications that we’ve developed in-house and proudly share it with the world under the MIT licence. Its biggest advantage is that it allows you to deploy a ready-made admin panel within hours if not minutes and focus on delivering value to your customers, instead of spending weeks developing something from scratch.

With over 5 100 stars on GitHub, AdminJS hosts a community of nearly 2 000 people that use it to develop their product for both startups and enterprise businesses.If you’d like to learn more about how AdminJS can help you, you might be interested in reading how we used it to launch an Uber-like app MVP in just 1 month for our Singaporean client.

Step 4: Early access and customer acquisition

After 5 months of development, Clara was ready to perform a soft launch, allowing their selected early access customers to start using their workplace management software and gather initial user feedback.

If you’d like to give it a try for free, just click here and join the early access.

Looking for web development services?

If you’re looking to develop your own custom web application, feel free to drop me an email at, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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