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Building a CMS for affiliate marketing with SEO optimization using AdminJS

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Have you ever found yourself spending days on days digging through never-ending product reviews to find that perfect purchase, be it a hosting platform, a social media monitoring SaaS or a new smart fridge? Most of the articles or videos you ended up watching had links to all the discussed products. Affiliate links, to be more precise.

If you’re not familiar with the terminology – affiliate links are those that, essentially, share the revenue with the content creator who posted the link if you purchase whatever you were looking for. You can post them anywhere you want, although according to Moneyzine, 65% of affiliate marketers use blogs to generate traffic.

There are many platforms and CMS software that allow you to create and manage websites, but if you’re operating in a niche, those solutions might not offer the full set of tools that perfectly fit your needs. Which is exactly the case with our client – Scalerr.

Scalerr – custom CMS for affiliate marketing

Scalerr’s founder, Derek Devlin, has been working with SEM and affiliate marketing for years prior to realizing that there was a gap that might as well be filled – a dedicated content management system designed specifically for building affiliate marketing websites.

It had to be simple, easy to understand and use for non-technical people and most importantly – optimized for SEO. Derek had a vision of how the perfect affiliate CMS should function, and so he reached out to us to help make the vision a reality. This is the result of our cooperation.

Scalerr is currently in its final stretch with the closed-beta testing phase, but we can already share what’s to come.

As Scalerr is a CMS tailored for affiliate marketing industry, it focuses on those modules that are highly important for maximizing performance of your affiliate offers:

  • Detailed review module provides businesses an ability to write in-depth reviews that are both easy to navigate for the user and have optimized schemas for search engine robots to generate rich snippets.
  • Blog module – a simple to use, AdminJS-powered blog enables posting SEO-optimized content – the main driving force of any affiliate program, to generate traffic.
  • Offer / coupon module – as affiliate marketing takes various forms, Scalerr offers a dedicated feature for sharing discount or bonus codes with added option to effortlessly integrate them into a CTA block in different parts of your website.
  • ‘Top X’ lists – if you’re familiar with SEO, you will know how much robots love articles in the style of ‘Top 10 greatest XYZ 2022’. Scalerr provides a dedicated template for such blog pieces to make them stand out from the competition and drive high intent traffic to affiliate websites.

AdminJS-powered content management system

To make all of the above work in-sync, Scalerr needed their own custom CMS. As we’re the developers of the world’s leading admin panel for Node.js applications – AdminJS – it was a no-brainer to use it to power Scalerr’s operations.

We started with designing a custom theme that fits Scalerr’s brand identity and then proceeded to write a number of new modules that allowed us to turn AdminJS into a super admin with built-in content management system.

  • Back-office platform – businesses need a way to manage their operations and Scalerr was of no difference. First, we used AdminJS for what it was initially designed for – to create an internal back-office tool that allows Scalerr’s team to manage their platform and onboard new clients.
  • Client dashboard – each Scalerr’s customer gets access to an overview dashboard that aggregates a number of useful data about their affiliation websites and all the relevant website management shortcuts.
  • Custom CMS – affiliation marketing relies heavily on SEO and scale, thus an intuitive platform that gives you control over your published blog content, reviews, and coupons was of critical importance.
  • Website customization – to stand out, businesses have to align themselves with their brand identity, so we provided them with a toolset that allows for quick editing of an overall website theme, identity elements as well as site’s header and footer.

As you can imagine, Scaler’s system has a bunch of other smart features, proprietary processes and ideas, but we’ll save those for another day!

Developing content management systems

All in all, Scalerr is a great example of how a niche product can make life just so much easier for its users and give them an edge in their industry. Sure, everyone can build an affiliate marketing website using a cobbled together version of WordPress, but then you need to install lots of third-party plugins, worry about their updates and security, essentially using a rocket to get to another side of the road.

Scalerr is a feature-rich but intuitive tool that requires minimum time to set up your affiliate marketing website, so you can focus on generating content and driving traffic instead.

If you’re looking to build your own web app, and you’d like some help, feel free to drop me a line at, and we’ll take it from there.

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