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Kris Marszałek

Shared mobility companies and their future – will they prevail?

Discover the future of shared mobility companies. Learn about the problems, new ideas, and chances for success in the changing world of transportation.

How to build a car sharing app like car2go, Zipcar, or Getaround

Discover what is required to create a successful car-sharing app like Car2Go, Zipcar, or Getaround with our comprehensive guide.

Freight forwarders build digital freight forwarding platforms: what, why, and how

Learn what digital freight forwarding platforms are, why they matter, and how freight forwarders can leverage them to outperform “traditional forwarders”.
CEO Corner

You don't need any other guides to SaaS development

From ideation to deployment, this is your one-stop resource for expert insights, and best practices to stay ahead of the competition and build successful SaaS solutions.
CEO Corner

5 rules CEOs CAN’T ignore when scaling a company

Are you currently expanding your team or company? We know how challenging this may be. Our CSO shares his tried-and-tested rules for building effective teams.
CEO Corner

How to create a language learning app for international teams using React Native

We were approached by KLAR Kompetanse to help build a mobile language learning app for international teams and immigrants.