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How to create a language learning app for international teams using React Native

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Relocating to a new country or finding oneself in an international workplace is bound to be challenging for anyone. KLAR Kompetanse AS, a Norwegian education company, is on a mission to help individuals with minority language backgrounds leverage their language skills with intuitive technology they can use anywhere.

As of 2022, almost a fifth of Norway’s population was either born outside the country or to non-Norwegian parents inside the country. KLAR Kompetanse team understands that helping foreign residents leverage their Norwegian language skills will allow them to better integrate into their work, making life easier for the entire society.

KLAR Kompetanse approached RST Software to help build KLAR – a mobile language learning app dedicated to international teams and immigrants. The greatest advantage of the app is that it concentrates on professional vocabulary within various areas.

Usually, newcomers have easy access to Norwegian language courses, but they focus on the basics only, which may not be enough once they start a job. If you come to Norway to work as a carpenter, you’ll need to learn the Norwegian terminology for hammer, nails and many other words. The creators of KLAR know this problem inside out, so that is where they want to make a difference with the app.

E-learning app development requirements

KLAR Kompetanse AS was looking for a partner to help them develop the KLAR app that would supplement KLAR’s Picture Dictionary (dedicated to health and early education students) and Language Box (a set of cards with a tailored teaching program). More specifically, they wanted:

  • to offer a high-quality language training that is continuous and clear, via an intuitive and easy-to-use language learning mobile app, available on both Android and iOS,
  • to offer training in the top seven languages used in Norway, with the possibility to add more languages later,
  • an admin panel to be able to administer user data in a simple manner.

Our approach

We built two custom language learning applications for Android and iOS in React Native, as well as a back-office web platform in Node.js to host the customizable admin panel for the centralized data management. We used our open source AdminJS for this purpose. Cross-platform mobile app technologies boosted the development and currently help with maintenance – new features can be deployed to both platforms relatively easily.

UX design scoping session

To create a fully functional and usable app, we began the project with a UX design scoping session, oriented at:

  • defining the business model,
  • understanding the target users and determining the optimum user flows for every user group

KLAR language learning app features

To meet the requirements of KLAR Kompetanse AS, we built the dedicated apps that support language acquisition through:

  • interactive learning modules, with pictures and text descriptions of profession-related words in Norwegian and selected language,
  • quizzes that test the user's learning progress,
  • allowing users to add or remove new words by themselves in a custom dictionary feature,
  • Norwegian pronunciation feature,
  • the possibility to tag and search words.

Using AdminJS to build an admin panel for an e-learning platform

To ensure the KLAR Kompetanse team can easily administer data by themselves, we built a dedicated dashboard using AdminJS. The solution allows the administrators to easily add, remove or modify every component stored in the database. With that, Proxy can easily manage KLAR users, the vocabulary and the available learning modules. The AdminJS panel will remain flexible for further development, should such needs arise in the future.

Developing a custom e-learning platform

If you’re looking for a custom mobile application development partner or have questions about our services, contact me directly at and I’ll take it from there.

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