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Marek Ziółkowski
CEO Corner

33 critical software metrics every SaaS company should measure

Discover the 33 essential software metrics that every SaaS company should track and analyze for success. Stay ahead of your competition with data-driven decision.
Project Management

10 rules CTOs should follow to succeed at building and leading Agile development teams

How to manage an Agile development team when it starts to scale fast? Our Technical Leads swear by these 10 success strategies for building and growing Agile teams.
Media Streaming

How to build a video streaming app – the complete 2023 guide

Everything you need to know about video streaming app development, in one place: types of streaming apps, architecture, key tech stack considerations, cost and more.
Media Streaming

Step-by-step guide on how to create a streaming app like Twitch

Learn how to create a Twitch-like livestreaming platform, what features you should include, our suggested tech stack and how much it can cost in our comprehensive guide.