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How we built communities for the top automotive companies with an open-source AdminJS panel

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As we all know, a sense of connection is one of the fundamental needs of human beings. For ages, we’ve built various types of communities and the XXI century isn’t any different, except that now a lot of them have moved online.

Many internet forums attract millions of people but are mostly governed by other internet users and not brands. Very often, what brands have is a bit more or a bit less comprehensive FAQ or a support system, which, although these tend to be quite useful, lack a sense of connection with the brand and the people fond of this brand. That’s where our UK client comes into play.

One app, all platforms

The white-label community software startup from London has been working with us for more than a year now. Their main goal is to offer brands a way to establish meaningful peer-to-peer connections with their customers, prospects, members and staff and to build trust, strengthen customer relations and boost sales. At this time the client has already started rolling out the solution to a couple of top automotive companies.

To make it as accessible to everyone as possible, it was decided to power it with the React-based Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology and bring its cross-platform functionality to a new level allowing the app to be used either in a browser or as an app on your mobile device without even having to download it via App Store or Play Store.

What we also managed to achieve is a non-intrusive update rollout. This means that users don’t have to manually update their applications any more, as everything is being synced automatically in the background, thereby offering everyone the exact same experience.

Gamification for enterprise communities

Since in order to build a great community you need to engage people and so clients can apply a touch of gamification with user challenges that encourage content creation, sharing and overall participation to encourage community growth.

For the companies it is also an amazing opportunity to get closer to their members by offering various rewards for taking part in those activities. As you can see on the example below, if a brand decides to use the software, they can give their merchandise to the most active community members.

Simple operations scalability

Keeping in mind the need for scalability, we’re developing a Super Admin which is a complex administration panel, powered by our open-source software — AdminJS, which allows the client to deploy new forums for their customers and manage the operations from one place.

Once the access to the new forum has been granted to a company, they have full control over their community such as making it open or member-only, to giving access to private parts of the community to specific roles and ranks, from effortlessly creating ad widgets or applying various predefined layouts, all of which can give their forums a unique look.

Speaking of the looks, AdminJS-powered back office also allows companies to apply their own touches and match their communities with their brands through the theme customization module.

More cases?

If you’d like to read more about AdminJS-enabled projects, how about an e-commerce platform that was used to sell over 600 brand-new cars in pandemic? Or maybe a story of a company that was acquired by one of the largest photo and video editing apps — VSCO?

And if you would like to chat about the possibilities of implementing AdminJS in your business, drop me a line at

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