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How to sell over 600 brand-new cars online during the pandemic? #AdminJS

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It took 9 months (during the pandemic) to create an e-commerce platform called CarFellows that has already sold over 600 new cars and that’s just the beginning.

CarFellows is an online system that connects the largest car dealers in Germany with end clients to offer them a long-term rental for brand-new cars.

What’s behind these successful sales during such difficult times?

Answer: An experienced CEO in Nina Geiss, a motivated and competent team and an ability to rapidly software solutions that satisfy the market needs.

But how do you ensure such a speedy response?

AdminJS-powered e-commerce

For a little less than a year we’ve been working together with the CarFellows team on the development of their platform and thanks to the close integration of our teams, we’ve managed to deliver a working MVP in 3 months, which CarFellows used to verify the market, and then immediately moved forward with product enhancements.

The core part of the system, responsible for the management of the entire business, is a modern open source Node.js-based administration platform — AdminJS which is also designed and developed by RST Software. It is used as a scalable foundation for building custom features that allows CarFellows to manage everything from one place.

The admin panel itself consists of two modules:

  • A panel for dealers that allows them to manage their stock and offers, control their sales pipeline and chat with the CarFellows sales team that processes clients’ enquiries, all available within an order details screen;
  • A panel for CarFellows staff that enables the management of dealers’ accounts, available car offers and the document signing process. CarFellows sales team also has access to the sales pipelines and the required BI data, contract statuses and a communicator to chat with  dealers about individual offers. SuperAdmin users have access to additional administrative features like system logs, backups etc.

AdminJS also supports API connection to social media Ad engines and is ready for a multi-language setup optimized for  SEO purposes and includes a dedicated design system.

How did AdminJS help boost sales?

As you are probably aware, customers these days are looking for a simplified purchasing process that can be done from the comfort of home and CarFellows decided to tap into that market by designing a website that takes potential customers through a step-by-step through a simple process of placing an order for the vehicle of their choice and allowing them to avoid any unnecessary bureaucracy which proved to be a successful strategy.

The delivered admin panel also enabled CarFellows to give their customers access to vehicle customization. The module responsible for offer creation allows dealers to provide various modification options such as colour of the car, wheels, various packages as well as other, more technical upgrades.

Being able to orchestrate the entire business though a single admin panel gave CarFellows an opportunity to focus on what is crucial at these weird times — sales and marketing.

If you’d like to find out more about AdminJS, you can check out the website and we will show you how it works.

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