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How to build a custom CMS with a dedicated admin dashboard using AdminJS

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Are you looking to build a highly customizable content management system for your product or service?

We’ve created one for our client Dimensional Innovations (DI), a U.S. company that creates immersive engaging experiences for all types of audiences, including LCD displays used for diverse communication purposes.

Specifically for the LCD displays, which are used by multiple clients from different industries (hospitals, public transportation services, airports, etc. – any industry that incorporates message distribution via the LCD displays), we helped DI build an experience management system (EMS) with a custom content management system (CMS) and an admin panel using our own open-source software AdminJS.

Using AdminJS to create a custom CMS

As part of this project, the client required a complete Experience Management System (EMS) that would feature two separate components:

  1. a custom CMS app that would allow the end users to decide what content should be displayed on a given device, along with display time and frequency;
  2. a tool that would allow to deploy the app on the side of the DI client(s) – this component is just as important as the custom CMS application itself, so that the client could easily accommodate their clients’ needs.

We used AdminJS as the base of this project to create a custom system for DI. The standard open source tool was adapted to meet DI’s needs. It included:

  • nested views, which aren’t a native AdminJS feature,
  • further customization options to accommodate diverse needs of the end users.

Leveraging DevOps for custom CMS development

To build a custom CMS and a dedicated admin panel that is both functional and highly customizable, our DevOps engineering team began with creating a DI admin template, which was later packed in a database. The template was subsequently deployed in the client’s CMS platform.

This solution allows not only to customize the client’s CMS application, but to also easily modify the template used to build it, which means that custom features or functionalities can be freely added to the end users’ application.

Since the DevOps team had to build the entire product infrastructure, they also automated the environment in a way that would allow the client to open up brand new CMS solutions for new users with just a few command lines.

Building a custom Content Management System and an admin dashboard for your industry

Should you consider building a custom Content Management System for your business, AdminJS can serve this purpose well. It’s an open source technology that already has thousands of satisfied users. Using open source gives development teams more flexibility when it comes to customizing your own CMS systems.

AdminJS is a versatile tool that can be used by virtually any industry. You can see how we’ve used it to build a robust video content management system for Trash or a dealership management system for CarFellows.

If building a custom CMS with a dedicated admin dashboard is on your radar, contact me directly at and I’d be happy to discuss your exact needs and explain how they can be addressed with our custom CMS development services.

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