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Magdalena Jackiewicz
CTO Corner

10 rules CTOs should follow to succeed at building and leading Agile development teams

How to manage an Agile development team when it starts to scale fast? Our Technical Leads swear by these 10 success strategies for building and growing Agile teams.
Staff Augmentation

How do we ensure software developer happiness at RST?

Our HR department is organized in an atypical way: we have dedicated HR Guides who take care of software developer happiness! The role has other benefits too.
CEO Corner

How to recruit and retain tech talent for years: 12 proven strategies

In conversation with Katarzyna Pachocka, our VP of Operations, we discuss the strategies RST Software uses to keep developers on board for 10 years or longer.
Location-Based Services

7 lessons to learn from Uber’s failure in China: winning business model case study

A comparison of value canvases of Uber and DiDi reveals useful insights as to how to approach the process of creating a winning business model.
Staff Augmentation

Why choose a staff augmentation company over a body leasing agency for your remote staffing needs?

Looking to hire remote developers on a temporary basis? You can outsource this task to an IT staff augmentation company or a body leasing agency. What's the difference?
Staff Augmentation

How to build a successful team with augmented staff? Best practices for hiring remote developers

Bringing remote developers onto your team via staff augmentation services can be an excellent decision, but you need to approach the process in the right way.