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Magdalena Jackiewicz
Project Management

When is Product Owner’s input required in Agile Scrum project management?

Explore the critical role of Product Owners in Agile project management. Understand when and what kind of inputs are required from the PO during Scrum ceremonies.
Product Design

How to create a beautiful design system in 11 steps?

Discover the essential steps to create a stunning design system for your software projects with our comprehensive guide. Elevate your UI/UX game and boost productivity.
CTO Corner

Micro frontend architecture 101: what is it, when to use it and how to migrate your existing monolithic app in 9 steps

A well executed micro frontend migration strategy can help you modernize your monolith without the need to build an entirely new app at once.
Project Management

The 3 pillars of Scrum for product development success

Transparency, Inspection, Adaptation – these 3 Scrum pillars help companies deliver excellent software. Read on to understand how they translate to product development.
Project Management

Agile team management in a distributed workplace – 13 best practices

Has your workplace recently shifted to remote, or hybrid? You may find these tips on making Agile work without face-to-face interactions useful.
CTO Corner

The complete guide to technical debt management: best practices for future proofing your new apps

See how to properly manage technical debt when building from scratch and when using off-the-shelf components. There are two distinct processes!