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Wojciech Tomaszewski

Supercharge your logistics operations with custom web mapping solutions based on OSM

When you can't find a GIS software that fits your needs, you turn to developing your custom web mapping tools. Here's how to do that using OpenStreetMap.

Optimizing logistics operations cost with hybrid cloud architecture: RST x x PTV Group case study

RST Software partnered with PTV Group to develop an innovative hybrid cloud architecture that optimizes computing resources usage and operational costs for
Location-Based Services

Automating geospatial data updates for tools powered with OpenStreetMap

Building location-based apps with OpenStreetMap is a great option for robust solutions, however, owners must take care of geodata updates. Here, automation is key.
Location-Based Services

3 key principles of developing and managing spatial databases for the logistics industry: case study

When developing an enterprise-scale logistics platform, we had to learn how to manage spatial databases safely and efficiently, in a way that allows rapid scalability.
Location-Based Services

GIS software development cost optimization: how we saved over $420 000 on monthly map APIs usage

Creating a GIS app with commercial APIs? You may be able to save thousands USD by opting for open source GIS database OpenStreetMap.
Location-Based Services

6 common geolocation app development challenges and how to overcome them

Building location-based apps isn't straightforward. Understand the key challenges and avoid the common mistakes businesses make when creating geolocation tools.