Book Forest

Book management and catalogue app

Gamifying book reading

Book Forest was created by Asia Mackay, an author and a keen reader, who decided to create an app with a goal to encourage reading and also organize it. Sparked by her children’s love for books, she came up with an idea to simplify the tracking of what you read and allow users to share with friends and family a list of books they would like to receive as a gift.
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Paweł Lorenc
Software Developer


The main challenge was to design an app that will be used not only by adults, but also kids. The app had to be simple in its form and visually appealing to a younger audience with additional gamification elements.

From the technical standpoint, the biggest challenge was integrating with Goodreads ISBN database.

Platform architecture

Book Forest required to develop a set of cross-platform mobile apps and a web-based system for non-registered users, who wanted to access limited platform functionalities.

Delivered services

React Native mobile development
Node.js backend
React frontend development
Goodreads ISBN database integration

We built React Native-powered cross-platform book management application and a web portal for wishlists

Book Forest aims to become a lifetime records of all the books we read and thus providesall the required tools to make the process fun and engaging.

iOS/Android apps for digitalizing your personal books library

Book Forest provides readers with a complete set of tools for managing their book catalogs and motivates them to read more through gamification.
Owned books catalogue
Personal goals
Reading progress tracking
Achievements system
Complete ISBN database
Growing virtual tree
Family profiles
Web and mobile wishlist apps
Wishlist managementand reservation platform

Wishlist managementand reservation platform

Book Forest wishlists allow their users to add any book they want to their wishlist and then share it with their friends and family, so no one gets confused when purchasing gifts.
Personal wishlists
Sharable wishlists
Book reservation for purchase
Anonymous reservations

We were happy to use these technologies

React Native
Google Cloud
Google Firebase
Goodreads ISBN database