How to accelerate data analytics reporting by up
to 200x with a modern data platform

What’s inside:
the key components of a modern data platform and how they work together to streamline data processing, storage, and analysis
an overview of the essential tools and technologies that make up a modern data platform, such as data cloud, ingestion mechanisms and cloud computing
10 real-world case studies showcasing how leading companies have successfully implemented modern data platforms to reduce time to insight and drive business growth

This ebook is for you if you're looking for:

ways to accelerate data-to-insight processes within your organization
proven strategies for boosting data-driven initiatives within your organization
effective solutions for taming the organizational data chaos
flexible technologies to support and automate your growing data operations

About the authors

Andrzej Lewandowski
Development Leader
Advocate of the DevOps culture. Passionate programmer. Believes that solving programming problems is the meaning of life. Loves identifying new technologies and “Proof of Concept” solutions.